Sunday, September 9, 2012

Addiction to mullet skirts

                         What is in mullet skirts that inspires me to make my own? I have been searching for dress design ideas for me to be inspired in making my own DIY creations but mullet skirts keep me looking for other designs aside from tube top and spaghetti straps. I have been searching for maxi dresses before but i look small in it. Sky scraper heels are needed to accentuate the dress. I cant afford to look very small since I'm almost obese lol. That is the reason why I am amazed with mullet dresses, it is because of it's high low hemline. It might confuse you at the back part because it makes you look like wearing a maxi dress but in the front figure it seems that you are wearing a cocktail dress. It flaunts the legs especially the thigh area. ladies need to watch for the length of their maxi dresses. Make sure the high and low length suits your body type, makes you look taller and flaunt your flawless legs. The flowy type gives you a Godess fashion statement. Don't you just love looking gorgeous in small and grand dress details.?I prefer simple and sheer ones then you accesorize it with chandelier earrings and godess shoes Oh Mama! It looks great!

                       On my 25th birthday I decided to wear an animal print spaghetti strap mullet dress from forever 21 then I paired it with my Guess peep toe sandals and black snake skin patterned Celine Bag. I am fat! that is why I have to pair it with a shrugged pink blazer. Curled my hair a little bit and then donned some make up just to look great on my special day.

                                       Honestly, I was not satisfied with the length of the skirt, Yes I know I'm small and I should have repaired its length but i had no luxury of time. I can keep this dress for conservative places LOL, like the university or government institutions that I have to make transactions with. I guess I really have to make my own. I will be posting the next project that I have made. Wish me luck ! I will post it soon.

                                I just wanna share a fashion milestone in my life. Till the next fashion adventure fashionistas!.