Sunday, November 15, 2015


                                            The Mood                                    

                                    Have you ever tried dressing up according to what you really feel? This is what I have done just yesterday. This week has not been very good to me. Went out of my comfort zone and dressed up like a frock girl.

                                    When you're not in the mood to be funny, friendly and give them a smiling face because you are going through something melancholic. Yup this is where drama comes in but no need to emphasise on what came up. Maybe I just like to believe that I am strong than think of what makes my knees weak and tremble.

                                   Choosing to be tough than helpless is the aura that I like to embody. As they say, life goes on. Time is the only key to let the open wound heal. Amidst the pain, I wouldn't like anyone to see how excruciating it is. I took a break from my sweet classy girl style to a fierce and gloomy aura.

                                    To all the women who are going through any hardships at this time. My heart goes out to you. No one can deeply understand exactly how you're breaking and falling apart but in time we will all be blessed to be whole again.

                                               The Look                              

Boots: Forever21 Skirt:H&M Bag: Marks and Spencer

                                     Honestly, I'm not so into boots  but I started to like ankle boots. This cut-out boots just look great with origami cut skirt and with a grey blazer. To complete the look, I finished it off by putting a dark red lippie. Mac Diva isn't a shade that I would automatically buy in the make up store but since I got a complement from a friend and from my sister. Let's say I was able to pull it off and I am glad that I did. Wearing the dark red shade  made me feel that I'm a part of Vampire Diaries or the Twilight saga. Nina Dobrev and  the Twilight female casts look good on it but I never entertained a chance that it would look good on me too. Normally, I'd stick to reds and pinks but this is a good try for me.

                                         It's not going to rain forever. Sunshine and rainbows comes after a strong rain. If the hardest part is already over then we can help ourselves up from stumbling and face whatever is coming our way. Put up a smile on your face because better things are coming.

                                         Thank you for spending some of your time to read my page. Always think big, think beautiful <3.