Sunday, February 2, 2014

CURVY STATEMENT - DIY Holiday Necklaces

                                             I admit that I wanted to do something different compared to what I have done before. They are mostly bib necklaces or triangular. I'm lucky enough to have found the appropriate design for the different materials that I have like pearls, used Swarovski stones and butterfly stones.


                                              Before, he used to give me butterflies in my stomach. His presence or even a glance on his pictures would give me this feeling that I can't explain that's why I was inspired to make this Butterfly neck piece.


                                                 I have some stones that were left in my jewelry making box set and  bicones and pearls Some were used and some are new.. just extras from other necklace projects. A collar necklace has been on my bucket list for quite some time but I have not thought of combining left over stones. Maybe I was just in the right mood to construct a colorful piece that I was able to mix and match pearls with different colorful stones. It is a unique necklace that I could pair with dresses.


                                             This is a combination of different old stones and some Victorian inspired stones that I found out of a broken bracelet of my mom. I tried to arrange the stones properly so I can turn it into a wearable chandelier necklace. Finally, I was able to use the last two tear drop Swarovski stones which are new.
                                             I just utilized the available resources that I have and I ended up with wearable necklaces with different themes. I enjoyed holiday parties last Christmas and New Year with my new accessories.