Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CURVY STATEMENT - Spiced up my Grand Ma's Midi Dress : A preview of the first redesigned hand me down dress from lola

                                              Midi dresses were really one of the styles that I think I couldn't pull off that well. Considering that I am plump and not really tall, you would understand why. High heels would be a good solution to that problem but when I went to see how I look in the full length mirror, I felt that there was something that was missing or wrong? not really sure  or maybe I am not ready for midi dresses yet. What I did was to contemplate. Should I alter the shoulders, sleeves or just adjust the hemline to a short one? (my favorite) but I think it wouldn't give so much life to the dress. I wanted to preserve it at the same time I wanted to redesign it but not really a big transformation because it will always be my Lola Herminia's dress. I can still remember  her wearing this dress when she was still healthy. She loved midi and maxi dresses but I am quite different from her. Yes! we both are a fan of dresses but when it comes to the length we have a huge difference LOL. Just to add a touch of my personality, I finally decided to cut of 3 inches wide slits on both sides. That time, I wasn't so sure about what I am doing or what would the result be. Then here it is.... I just took the risk of doing something different.

                                                 I paired it with my peppermint pumps and the holiday necklace that I made. I will be telling you more about those holiday jewelries that I made on my next post and of course I am excited to tell more about the heirloom dresses from my Grand Ma Minia that I redesigned.

*Peppermint Pumps - Guess