Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CURVY STATEMENT - Peplum Christmas and a Happy New year

             I have been experimenting designs for the holidays. It took me lots of time to scan for inspiration. I just knew what I wanted to do a day before Christmas. recently, I have been eying on formal cocktail dresses. I just realized I wanted something more casual and that I could use anytime I want.

               Lace has been over used this season but I wanted to use body con skirts also. Since I am fluffy, flabby and fat, it will be difficult for me to make it work but one design allowed me to use body con and lace. Peplum has been my all time favorite design. I really loved the bold floral printed peplum skirt I made last summer that is why my theme for this holiday season is peplum. What made my christmas design different from my new year project is that my christmas design is a combination of 3 different kinds of dresses. 1st is that it is a mullet skirt at the back, 2nd is that it is a peplum dress in the front view and a body contour dress inside. This is  a formal dress and I rarely make such kinds. The color red marked it as a Christmas design that you could wear during parties.

          I really have no time to make a New Year's Eve dress. What I can do , is  to make a very simple design. I just tried to make a peplum skirt that would fit any kind of top. I was very happy constructing it for 2 and a half hours. i was really rushing to make it on New year's eve. So far I think It fits me well. It is a coincidence that Blue is one of the colors of the year 2013. Hope it makes me lucky all year round.

 New Year's Eve outfit

                       I paired it with a White stag lace top with pearl buttons and White Steve Madden clogs.

.......next thing that I would blog about is the best that I had for the year 2012.