Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Curvy Statement's best of 2015

                                  2015 has been a great year for me. It's one hell of a ride  since it didn't start as I hoped but it was full of experiences and lessons.

1. One of the remarkable milestone in my life was the reformatting of my page from - curvystatements.  Originally, this page was for my DIY stuff and designs but then I came to realize that there's more to fashion, designs and arts. It was all about unleashing my spirit and I need to tell people more about my advocacy. It is to make all women feel that they are beautiful. We should have our own definition of being beautiful and each and every woman should celebrate their individuality.

2. The restoration of my pearls and being able to use them myself and of course, having the privilege of using them in fashion shoots.

3. Thank God for the gift of imagination and the ability to design and redesign clothes that fits me very well. You know my curves are not consistent.

4. Brainstormed on my very own Jewelry Brand:  Statement Jewelries. This was a skill I never thought would be acknowledged. It isn't big yet but one step at a time is fine with me. I have occasional clients and I consider myself blessed.

5. The greatest gift I have received this year was being given an opportunity to write. Thank you very much Miss Extra Sexy and of course my editor-in-chief whom I admire Alina Co-Calleja. It's an honor to write under the Beauty and Fashion section of The Philippine Online Chronicles When I was in high school, I buy and collect vogue  and even local fashion magazines because a huge part of me likes to be a part of a fashion magazine. I used to make my own magazine by cutting out the best pictures of gowns and dresses from the fashion section of newspapers and I construct brief captions below each photo. I never thought that this opportunity would come. Thank you ate Lorna! <3. Before, this was only a dream but now I still can't believe it LOL sorry (hahaha).

6. Went back to my mom's beautiful hometown, I  was able to appreciate places, spared some of my time to  reflect and I definitely learned a lot.

Thank you  for sparing some of your time to check my page. 2015 has been an awesome year for me. Hopefully, this year would be a lucky year for me! More blessings to come please! :))

I will be posting my Newest Jewelry collection in a few days.

Love lots!