Saturday, March 31, 2018

Curvy Fashion Project: Save mother earth, fashion reconstruction Part 1


                             I know that there are several ways to save the world and I have participated in some of them like earth hour, tree planting activities, waste segregation, avoiding plastics as much as possible and others. Gladly, this year gave me a lot of inspiration for a lot of firsts like celebrating the filipino products and incorporating them in my projects. Second is reconstructing neglected/old clothes and alter them into stylish clothes that I could use this year for a cause. Yes, a good cause which is to help save mother earth. Did you know how many stacks of clothing we have on different garbage sites? Sad to say, fast fashion has a negative effect on mother nature since it causes pollution. According to, cotton silk and other fiber produces methane gas when they end up in the dumpsite. What are we supposed to do if not all people could afford luxury brands? Not everyone could afford Gucci, Gabbana and Versace right? H and M has already made their move to encourage their customers to submit their old clothes for them to be  able to recycle it, smart move ain't it? Mine is just a simple project that I hope I could continue on my next projects.

Here's the collared cold shoulder top that I made out of my old button down top  ⬇️.

I paired it with my white denim skirt , golden cap tassels and pearl embellished espadrille slides made by yours truly. 
                            Now you know that we can be stylish and do humanitarian acts at the same time. To sum everything up, it's thrifty, stylish and earth-friendly.  Hopefully, it could inspire a lot of artists, brands and aspiring entrepreneurs.

                            Thank you for sparing some of your time on checking my page. I will be sharing my Dress  Up For a Cause  projects which are all made of recycled clothes on my next posts.

                           If you are interested on the statement pieces that I used in my pictures, the pink acetate cat eye sunnies , tassel earrings and espadrilles are available for pre-order. Message me on my facebook account:
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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Statement Accessories: Be dazzled on my Summer Footwear

                              It's another summer season my dear readers and as always, my favorite season of the year again. I would like to open this season by presenting my favorite accessory of all time, SHOES. Most of my designs were all jewelries however I was able to discover that I have the ability to make unique pairs of sandals last year. Okay, so don't get me wrong I'm not a shoe maker,  it wasn't really me who makes the shoes but I focus on the ornamenting part. Yes, my favorite crystals together with my pair of choice.

                               As I have mentioned, summer is here so that means we would be heading to a beach getaway soon. A must have that you always bring is a comfortable sandals or flip-flops. This year, I decided to check  Havaianas and look for chic slippers that I could work on for my summer project. Gone are the days that slippers are confined to their old slip-on designs and the good thing is that I was able to find slippers according to my taste. The  allure design is gladiator inspired which is more appropriate with my style so I can wear it with summer dresses and cute swimsuits. I decided to embellish it with assorted crystals with varied shapes and sizes. This time, I avoided the minimalist's perspective and opted to play with different colors to give more life to this work of art.

                               Havaianas is my go to brand when it comes to shopping for slippers. Through time, this Brazilian brand has proven that their slippers could withstand big or small crystal embellishments. Personally, I'd still prefer to use Havaianas on my future summer designs.

                           Another favorite project of mine that I am very excited to share with you is this locally made espadrilles that are durable light weight and stylish. I felt the need to include this on my summer footwear project because it is something new knowing that we have been patronizing foreign brands. This is actually not a part of my plan but then it turned out to be a wonderful work of art. This is a pinoy made project, meaning  the design and materials were made and found here in the Philippines. Espadrilles are one of the hottest summer footwear designs in the market and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't get one for yourself.

                           I really felt so proud after polishing my hand made faux pearl and crystal embellished espadrilles. This is a perfect accessory for your summer OOTD whether you like to sport it on the streets or beach parties. Hopefully, I would be able to come up with patriotic projects like this again <3. Filipinos have a lot of achievements to be proud of and I am glad that I am able to showcase it here on my page.  I hope this would encourage us to love our products more.

                              Summer is a perfect season to unleash my creativity and I am glad that I was able to execute the designs really well not to mention the locally made product that I integrated in this project. Thank you for sparing some of your time to check my projects. Till next time 💋.


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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Statement Jewelry: Regal Romance

                               The Regal Romance Collection is all about crystals, chandeliers, royal colors and tassels. It is inspired by festivities, crowned royalties and enchantment.  Jewel hued crystals were used in the different pieces like the shades of emerald green , saphire blue, gold and crystal clear russian rondelle crystals which emphasizes the elegance and class that it intends to exude in each jewelry art.

Empress Casual Coronet

Made of assorted crystals and stretchable band which is perfect for an extra-ordinaire romantic date night.

Wearing this tiara band would make you feel like a modern-day princess.

Single-Tiered Crystal Clear Chandelier ear drops

The earrings are made of Crystal Clear Russian Rondelle Crystals.  It is designed to complement any classy attire. 

Two -Tier Golden Crystal Chandelier Earrings

The earrings are made of made of two- layered golden russian crystals. A minimalist accessory that would perfectly match an ostentatious wardrobe.

Dark Royalty's Silky Tassel Earrings

The hand made earrings are  made of assorted black crystals and silk thread.  Rebellious- chic outfits would go well  with the black crystal and silk thread composition of this jewelry art.

Princess Jamia Crystal Tassel

This design is inspired by a fictional character who is depicted as a simple young and beautiful princess who is known to have a pure heart. 

Isabella's Crowned Tassel

This crowned tassel earrings are inspired by the crown of Queen Isabella .

Geselle's Crystal Crown Tassels

This earrings are made especially for my sister  named Geselle for her 24th birthday made of russian crystals, glass beads and cotton thread.

Thank you for taking some of your time in checking my latest jewelry art.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Curvy Statements Year End Post: Reflections of a Curvy Girl

                              The happiest season of the year has passed and we all know that it is the most exciting part since we have spared this time to do binge eating and I bet a lot of you saved your money for some holiday shopping. Now that it's over. We should say hello to another chapter. As the year 2017 ended, I realized that there were major turn arounds that happened in my life.

                              Turning 30 meant a lot of things for me. It was somehow a wake up call but not really into the pressures brought about by my age because I still believe that age is just a number but then we have to be cautious in the choices that we make as we grow older. Here are my newfound skin devotions this year;

1. Beauty and Skin Care -  Hoarding make-up has been my thing lately. I can say that I invested a lot in beauty and skin care products.

  • Moisturizer is a must but I opted to buy a korean gel moisturizer because my skin is so acne prone. I'm panicking since it's already out of stock. 
  • This year, I welcomed skin TONER in my life. Thank you The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. For several months now, I searched a lot of reviews online and decided to give it a try earlier this year. The result is really superb!  I am still on my 1st bottle and been using it for 5 months already. If only my skin can talk, it can honestly say that it has been happy for 5 months. 
  • Started investing in  facial serum. My androgynous stylist gay friend has tried this serum before me, he gave me a 5 star review but since I am stubborn and knowing that I don't easily shell out a thousand bucks for a product that easily until I saw the Zoe Report's article on  

How To Get Rich-Girl Skin On A Drugstore Budget

            The Anti-imperfection serum in the Tea Tree Oil Line of the Body shop is included in their roster of must-haves so, that was my go signal.  (I TOLD YOU SO as said by my friend Axel LOL)

  • Blush helps a lot in making your skin look healthier than plain and clean foundation application that is why I bought Nars Orgasm and I'm satisfied with the natural flush look that it gives me .
  • I am still a bold lippie girl despite the k-beauty lip tint trend. MAC would still be my favorite brand because it is really pigmented. I tried Inglot's HD liquid lipstick and I absolutely loved its quality in terms of staying power, not to mention its cruelty and paraben free formulations. 
  • My quest for the right fixing powder was successful. I found a cheap one which provides a perfect the finish. Essence is a cruelty free drugstore brand. Some reviews mentioned that it is the dupe of the Make-up forever fixing powder and I don't have complaints as of the moment.
  • Korean face masks aren't for me. Mediheal and Purederm gave me breakouts so I'm not so into the all korean beauty regimen.
  • The retirement of my abused elf stipple brush-  Elf isn't available in the local market anymore so I bought real techniques stippling brush because it has good reviews. Detail makeover's brushes are good too!

  • Bye blonde hair! I darkened my hair and was so afraid of the result. Luckily, it ended up pretty well.
2. Yes, I'm 30 and so damn what? I can still wear mini-skirts, colorful dresses and whatever feels right.  Articles say that 30's is the most fashionable age and I'm claiming it. So I can still purchase items from forever21 LOL. This time, I need to make good investments in terms of clothing. I'll try to avoid fast fashion. Try aha!

3. Defining body positivity- for me it is not just being fat and telling everyone to be cool about being unhealthy. It's a big NO. We should take our health seriously.

4. Creativity keeps me alive. I will always love making jewelries and expect more this year. I have created dresses too and it will be released in my future posts. I am focused with my goals more than anything.

5. We have our own definition of winning in life. More than what social media posts can say, I have achieved some of my goals in my 30 years of existence.  I am a winner in my own way, some would think otherwise but guess what? I don't believe you.  A million thanks to my family especially my sister and boyfriend for believing in me. It made my 2017 more meaningful.

6. Appreciating love in different forms. My family has been the greatest love of my life same with my special someone who inspired me to be a better person. I also want to thank a few friends who has been there to support me. LOVE you!

6. Last but not the least, thanks for reading my post. I might not have a gazillion of followers but I find strength in women who told me that I have inspired them to feel better about themselves.  Way to go ladies! Think Big, Think Beautiful. There is nothing wrong in liking what you see in front of the mirror. If someone tells you "Gandang ganda ka sa sarili mo". Tell them, bakit? kung may problema ka sa sarili mo then don't take it out on me.  ( if you have a problem with yourself them don't take it out on me). It is healthy to have a positive and beautiful perception of one's self. Just don't rub it to their face LOL. We can't avoid negative people , shamers etc., keep in mind that we should only listen to our hearts and not to what other people like us to believe.

Have a blessed New Year!

Hugs and Kisses

Loiselle Katrina Rivera

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Loving Ourselves Properly: Balance Acceptance, Positivity, Health and Confidence. (My Reaction to Mainstream Body Positivity)


  My Journey                   

                            It took me years before I arrived in a stage in my life where I started to appreciate who I really am and I'm telling you now, it's one hell of a ride . Living in a conservative society full of judgemental individuals made it challenging for me to love myself even more. How I wish they made it easy for me because it is difficult to be the subject of laughing matter by the pretty and slim and mean girls especially in college (hi girls! you know who you are 😊). I wanted nothing more than to be accepted but they were successful in making me feel awful about myself that time. There were times that I wish I was skinny not because I wanted to be one but because life would be easier and peaceful for me. There came a time that I lost some weight because of stress and pressure at school. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 2 years. In all honesty, I didn't enjoy my reduced size that much because I can only tolerate 3 spoons of rice and vegetables then I'd feel like vomiting after. Going through series of emotional breakdowns because of stress and challenges in life isn't a joke at all. In my own opinion, Id' rather be happy. It means that being in a normal weight isn't the answer to my questions in life LOL but I won't deny that it could have pros too. Whatever your opinions are, you have to respect the fact that it won't matter because my preference would still be the priority here. You haven't been in my shoes so don't even try to judge me. Currently, I am size 16-18 depending on the brand and I have been enjoying the plus size journey since my state of mind changed. It became more positive and focused on self love.

Let's Talk About  Body Positivity

                             According to Mallorie Dunn from an article in , body positivity is accepting your body particularly the shape, and size. It also includes the flaws it undergoes through different circumstances like age and the consequence of our personal choices in the past. In addition to that, Kaila Prins also emphasized that body positivity also entails self care which means treating your own body right.

What do I think About it?

                              I definitely agree to what Dunn and Prins said. There were some plus size bloggers who are angry about encouraging healthy eating and working out. It was not intended to pressure them to change their body size but to keep it in a healthy state. Body Positivity should embrace healthy lifestyle and not to promote habits that are bad for our body. We linked the word POSITIVITY and I believe it is connected to healthy habits which is something positive. Whether they use fat positivity or body. We should not limit it to accepting whatever size you are in consequently, ending up getting sick. I certainly disagree on that part. You cannot just say that it's okay to be fat and and lazy predispose yourself to stroke, diabetes and heart problems. Encouraging everyone to eat everything and be beautiful has series of detrimental effects to our health. Balancing positivity and health is what we need right now. Tolerating health threats would predispose everyone to illness and that is not positivity at all. I am against mainstream body positivity which aims to pressure and transform plus sized women to size 0 and above since that isn't bopo at all. It's just a mask for bopo.  Yes, our worth shouldn't be negatively judged because of our shape and size and we can only do that if we start loving ourselves properly. Please don't get me wrong. I am for bopo  which aims to lift plus size women up. We should be allowed to be confident, wear whatever we want but not to the extent that we justify being unhealthy in the end. As they said, body positivity aims to celebrate bodies that are deemed to be unattractive but does it celebrate an unhealthy state of body and mind? I don't think so. Let's not shut people off just because they are giving us some healthy lifestyle suggestions. Everyone deserves love and appreciation in whatever size or shape that they're in.  If we only open our hearts and minds to changing for the better then we can love ourselves all the more right? We can give our body what it rightfully deserves.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Curvy Fashion Statement: Breaking the rules - We aren't prohibited to wear bright colors

                            Is black the only color for plus sized women?  Plus women were so used to wearing dark colors because we were oriented to the advantages of wearing black like its slimming effect and we were made to believe that we look better in dark hues but then I have to admit that I have loved summer more than any season. Well, we only have 2 seasons here since we are in a tropical country which is rainy and summer.  If you have watched project runway, I can remember one of the judges who said that there are no rules in fashion and lately, numerous fashion influencers have broken the traditional rules in dressing-up. Breaking the rules has been a habit of mine particularly wearing bright colors ever since I can remember.

NO I can wear any color I want. 

My personal reason is that I really want happy and vibrant colors. Dolce and Gabbana is really inspiring when it comes to vibrant colors combined into one outfit.  As long as we are comfortable in whatever we are wearing then I don't see any problem in wearing bright colored outfits even if your size is larger than usual.

                             Dont get me wrong, I love black, navy blue and other dark hues too its just that it affects my mood when the sun is up. The vibrant colored clothes are calling me to wear them  whenever I see mr. Sun LOL (not hallucinating :)))) . Truth be told, wearing Yellow and White gave me a unique kind of energy and positivity. I bet that you can feel my aura on my photos.

                          Yup! I know that it emphasized my curves than wearing black however , it was able to compliment my skin tone and matched my bag and shoes well. Anyway, I am not ashamed of my curves. So whoever criticizes big girls in dressing vibrantly shouldn't be  given any importance at all since it isn't their body and they should be minding their own business too . Last but not the least, sticking to the rules of fashion is now a cliché and breaking it is more exciting. We shouldn't dress up for other people to affirm with whatever they think is best for us instead, fashion should make us feel like our natural self. Let them take your choices or just leave you alone.

Thanks for taking some time to read my post. Always remember : never be afraid to be adventurous.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Curvy Fashion Statement: How to wear Gingham without looking like a table cloth

                              Is it true that gingham is for table cloth and picnic tables only? Before this trend has been viral for some time now, I believe that  some schools here in Baguio were the first one to sport it tho:)). Kidding aside,  I have to admit that gingham is not my favorite print when it comes to dresses but then it has been on trend since summer and I continue to see different brands include it on their line. In addition to that, fashion girls have been so into it. I find this print challenging for me to wear and there is a great chance that it is unflattering so my sister was the one who gave it a shot. All I can say is that it's not so bad after all. She knew how to play with it somehow.

                              My sister opted for polished styling. She paired it with a black H and M skater skirt and black Forever 21 ankle boots. Very basic pieces matched with the casual off- shoulder  Gingham top.

                     The gingham that she chose to wear isn't the usual closed button down long/short sleeved top. This means she wore a girly or chic type of gingham. The more detailed the design is for gingham tops , the easier it is to mix and match with any basic skirt or trousers.

                            So the answer is nope! gingham isn't for uniform or picnic table purposes only. You can include it on your casual OOTDs while it is still hot in the dress up game!