Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT - DIY SUMMER SKIRTS : Versatile Alpha & Butterflies and Rainbow Colors

                                                 I personally designed and constructed the skirt so that I can use it this summer. I made a Black Silk Pleated and White Butterfly Printed Skirt.


Check how poofy the pleated skirt is but still looks classy and can be used for casual , smart casual and semi-formal if paired with the right bustier or gorgeous top. 

This is a casual look in which I paired the skirt with a plain white sleeveless top and matched the Vince Camuto Jeweled Flats and my DIY Michelle Necklace which  would be featured on my next post for my Roster of Accessory Projects this Summer of 2015 . I was able to strut this outfit in the Mall hahaha. A blazer would be a nice piece to pair it with  plus a sexy pair of heels if you're going to attend a meeting or just anything that suits your mood.

A very obvious summery feel of styling? What do you think?
In this dull world, I choose to be colorful

Flowers and butterflies, Yes! The same old story of spring and summer and I admit that I took advantage of it to emphasize how my skirt fits the view that I am in.

Need I say that this look is very me?

I like bright and vibrant colors, It's like you are celebrating life when you see everything is vibrant. The motivation and inspiration becomes lively and high spirited. It is a fact that at my age I should choose neutral , black and white or matured colors but I cannot erase the child inside of me. Going back to my younger days when I used to run in our garden and play with butterflies and pick colorful flowers are one of the best childhood memories and experiences that I have. It's fun to make those flashbacks as an inspiration once in a while right?