Saturday, December 16, 2017

Loving Ourselves Properly: Balance Acceptance, Positivity, Health and Confidence. (My Reaction to Mainstream Body Positivity)


  My Journey                   

                            It took me years before I arrived in a stage in my life where I started to appreciate who I really am and I'm telling you now, it's one hell of a ride . Living in a conservative society full of judgemental individuals made it challenging for me to love myself even more. How I wish they made it easy for me because it is difficult to be the subject of laughing matter by the pretty and slim and mean girls especially in college (hi girls! you know who you are 😊). I wanted nothing more than to be accepted but they were successful in making me feel awful about myself that time. There were times that I wish I was skinny not because I wanted to be one but because life would be easier and peaceful for me. There came a time that I lost some weight because of stress and pressure at school. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 2 years. In all honesty, I didn't enjoy my reduced size that much because I can only tolerate 3 spoons of rice and vegetables then I'd feel like vomiting after. Going through series of emotional breakdowns because of stress and challenges in life isn't a joke at all. In my own opinion, Id' rather be happy. It means that being in a normal weight isn't the answer to my questions in life LOL but I won't deny that it could have pros too. Whatever your opinions are, you have to respect the fact that it won't matter because my preference would still be the priority here. You haven't been in my shoes so don't even try to judge me. Currently, I am size 16-18 depending on the brand and I have been enjoying the plus size journey since my state of mind changed. It became more positive and focused on self love.

Let's Talk About  Body Positivity

                             According to Mallorie Dunn from an article in , body positivity is accepting your body particularly the shape, and size. It also includes the flaws it undergoes through different circumstances like age and the consequence of our personal choices in the past. In addition to that, Kaila Prins also emphasized that body positivity also entails self care which means treating your own body right.

What do I think About it?

                              I definitely agree to what Dunn and Prins said. There were some plus size bloggers who are angry about encouraging healthy eating and working out. It was not intended to pressure them to change their body size but to keep it in a healthy state. Body Positivity should embrace healthy lifestyle and not to promote habits that are bad for our body. We linked the word POSITIVITY and I believe it is connected to healthy habits which is something positive. Whether they use fat positivity or body. We should not limit it to accepting whatever size you are in consequently, ending up getting sick. I certainly disagree on that part. You cannot just say that it's okay to be fat and and lazy predispose yourself to stroke, diabetes and heart problems. Encouraging everyone to eat everything and be beautiful has series of detrimental effects to our health. Balancing positivity and health is what we need right now. Tolerating health threats would predispose everyone to illness and that is not positivity at all. I am against mainstream body positivity which aims to pressure and transform plus sized women to size 0 and above since that isn't bopo at all. It's just a mask for bopo.  Yes, our worth shouldn't be negatively judged because of our shape and size and we can only do that if we start loving ourselves properly. Please don't get me wrong. I am for bopo  which aims to lift plus size women up. We should be allowed to be confident, wear whatever we want but not to the extent that we justify being unhealthy in the end. As they said, body positivity aims to celebrate bodies that are deemed to be unattractive but does it celebrate an unhealthy state of body and mind? I don't think so. Let's not shut people off just because they are giving us some healthy lifestyle suggestions. Everyone deserves love and appreciation in whatever size or shape that they're in.  If we only open our hearts and minds to changing for the better then we can love ourselves all the more right? We can give our body what it rightfully deserves.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Curvy Fashion Statement: Breaking the rules - We aren't prohibited to wear bright colors

                            Is black the only color for plus sized women?  Plus women were so used to wearing dark colors because we were oriented to the advantages of wearing black like its slimming effect and we were made to believe that we look better in dark hues but then I have to admit that I have loved summer more than any season. Well, we only have 2 seasons here since we are in a tropical country which is rainy and summer.  If you have watched project runway, I can remember one of the judges who said that there are no rules in fashion and lately, numerous fashion influencers have broken the traditional rules in dressing-up. Breaking the rules has been a habit of mine particularly wearing bright colors ever since I can remember.

NO I can wear any color I want. 

My personal reason is that I really want happy and vibrant colors. Dolce and Gabbana is really inspiring when it comes to vibrant colors combined into one outfit.  As long as we are comfortable in whatever we are wearing then I don't see any problem in wearing bright colored outfits even if your size is larger than usual.

                             Dont get me wrong, I love black, navy blue and other dark hues too its just that it affects my mood when the sun is up. The vibrant colored clothes are calling me to wear them  whenever I see mr. Sun LOL (not hallucinating :)))) . Truth be told, wearing Yellow and White gave me a unique kind of energy and positivity. I bet that you can feel my aura on my photos.

                          Yup! I know that it emphasized my curves than wearing black however , it was able to compliment my skin tone and matched my bag and shoes well. Anyway, I am not ashamed of my curves. So whoever criticizes big girls in dressing vibrantly shouldn't be  given any importance at all since it isn't their body and they should be minding their own business too . Last but not the least, sticking to the rules of fashion is now a cliché and breaking it is more exciting. We shouldn't dress up for other people to affirm with whatever they think is best for us instead, fashion should make us feel like our natural self. Let them take your choices or just leave you alone.

Thanks for taking some time to read my post. Always remember : never be afraid to be adventurous.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Curvy Fashion Statement: How to wear Gingham without looking like a table cloth

                              Is it true that gingham is for table cloth and picnic tables only? Before this trend has been viral for some time now, I believe that  some schools here in Baguio were the first one to sport it tho:)). Kidding aside,  I have to admit that gingham is not my favorite print when it comes to dresses but then it has been on trend since summer and I continue to see different brands include it on their line. In addition to that, fashion girls have been so into it. I find this print challenging for me to wear and there is a great chance that it is unflattering so my sister was the one who gave it a shot. All I can say is that it's not so bad after all. She knew how to play with it somehow.

                              My sister opted for polished styling. She paired it with a black H and M skater skirt and black Forever 21 ankle boots. Very basic pieces matched with the casual off- shoulder  Gingham top.

                     The gingham that she chose to wear isn't the usual closed button down long/short sleeved top. This means she wore a girly or chic type of gingham. The more detailed the design is for gingham tops , the easier it is to mix and match with any basic skirt or trousers.

                            So the answer is nope! gingham isn't for uniform or picnic table purposes only. You can include it on your casual OOTDs while it is still hot in the dress up game!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Perfect Off-Duty Accessory: Fluffy Pearl Slides

                              Sick of athleisure or wearing your boyfriend jeans and a pair of Birks? I think the trend of furry slides is still at its peak and this is my take on those furry slides since I'm too chic and girly to sport them.

   Presenting my very own Pearl and Crystal adorned fluffy slides.

                           Yes, this is just like Puma Fenty slides but I just accessorized it in a classic way to match personality.  Going out with plain havaianas is really difficult for me since I think that it lacks ooommph for me to be able to look presentable enough so I make it a point that I embellish my Havs or just like this black fluffy slides. 

                               Lately, I've been enjoying flats with so much embellishment on it. It really makes me unleash the creativity that I have always wanted to share to everyone moreover, this is the last pair of flats/slides that I will have to embellish using large faux pearls. I've been addicted to this since January so I have to move on and search for other projects that I can work on.

                              Thanks for taking some of your time to check on my projects. I will surely use these in my future OOTD's.


Will post pictures real soon.


The photos and accessory design are all mine.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Taking a Curvy Girl's Halloween Costume Up a Notch


                               Looking for a wide array of rtw designs for plus size women here in the Philippines is such a challenge, what more if you are looking for Halloween costumes? Sometimes it discourages us from attending halloween parties because even if you try to check out malls, you will definitely end up with a failed mission unless you opt to order online with taking the risk whether it fits well on you or having it altered once you receive it.  Yup, it's kinda costly and we must all admit that not everyone has a credit card for online shopping and could afford spending that much for a costume. Personally, I made my sister's costume because I wanted it to be unique and personalized. Allowing her to wear just another Wonder woman , Tinker Bell or any easy to rush costume is just sad and boring. Anyway whatever we choose would take time, money and effort to accomplish. I might as well make a good one for her right?

                                The FIRST thing you have to think about is the concept of the costume. You should wear/choose someone whom you feel has a connection with you. Knowing my sister, Captain America is really her Avenger crush so I took the challenge of making a female version of it. Last year, we thought of Harley Quinn but it was too overrated and mainstream. No offense but Suicide Squad's psychotic and crush material evil villain took the cosplay world by storm and she was present in every costume/cosplay parties so we have to pass for now. So as we have researched, the female version of Captain America is American Dream.

                                 SECOND, plan how you like the costume to look like. Plus size women could choose a dress designs that compliments their curves well and as for my sister who is pear shaped, we worked on a mini skater and bustier dress. Aside from that, we have to look for below the knee boots so we can apply acrylic paint on it. As for the accessories, my sister did a handmade shield and I adorned the dress with 3d spray-painted handmade stars particularly on the bossom and the skirt area. A detailed research should be made for you to assess how much money and time it costs.

                                THIRD,  Execute the project plan.You can start searching for hair style ideas and make up ideas. We fell in love with the big curls with a clean and creative semi-glamorous make up to match it with. Look for professionals or you can give creative make-up a try if you lack financial resources.

                                FOURTH, fitting and putting all the ideas together. Check if there is still room for improvements and adjustments.

                                LAST but not the LEAST enjoy the party and your costume. :)

                                Personalizing American Dream is a great spin for Captain America costume. The more that you feel connected to the character that you have chosen then there could be greater chances for you to enjoy and feel comfortable with the look that you have made for yourself. You still have time to prepare for the upcoming halloween party and make it an exciting and a memorable experience.


Creative Make-up: Shimmer Ordonio -
Hair Styling: Dianne Alcantara
Photo: Photo Fog

Thanks Ray Wall Band for the feature/share

Don't forget to post pictures!


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Curvy Statement: There's Nothing Wrong in Liking What You See in Front of the Mirror

                                 We always find ourselves admiring Selena Gomez or Ashley Graham because they're pretty, confident and can rock whatever their outfits are. Have you ever tried facing the mirror and checked how you felt about the way you look?  This is not another plus size empowerment post instead, this is a message to all women of different age, size and race.

                                 Lately, we have apps like Instagram and Snapchat that would encourage us to take a selfie, post it on our social media accounts and heaven knows what different reactions we might get among the people who follow us. If you try look in front of the mirror without feeling bad or disgusted, I would like to congratulate you for achieving the self love that you deserve 👍. Okay, before any negative reaction would be raised I have a very simple point about loving yourself. It doesn't equate to vanity, narcissism or over-confidence. It will always be a case to case basis but then all of us are unique and I believe none of us were made to be perfect. Whatever your flaws are, you can always embrace and plan to better yourself if needed but it doesn't mean that you have to get rid of who you really are.

                               We all have different ways on how to express ourselves and if one day someone gives you a negative comment on how ugly or being over confident with your looks to the point of asking you to stop posting pictures or etc. Always remember that they are entitled to their own opinion but it doesn't have to MATTER. There will always be someone who would encourage you not to but don't give them the authority to dictate their standard of what's acceptable and what's not. Feeling good about one's self is never bad. If shamers would start their negativity on you then it's a problem that they have to fix on their own. Always remember that you should never take it personally. Continue the positivity that you have within you. Whether you like wearing  make up or not, putting up a flattering dress that would expose your assets should always come from being comfortable with what you have. Flip your hair because that's absolutely fine. Don't mind people who expresses unsolicited judgements to women who indulges  themselves in simple joys. There are various reasons why we love putting make-up on or simply strutting our own fashion statements. It shouldn't affect their ego but if it does, it's just a reflection of their personal problems. Let's just continue with our journey to self love. It won't be easy but I hope, we would appreciate every ups and downs  we experience in life. Expressing how comfortable we are with ourselves should be fun but also set limits and hopefully we would be aware of it. Let go of their negativity because you have women like me /us who will support you all the way. The most important skill we have to develop is the ability to  listen to what our heart likes to tell us. Listen carefully and you will eventually find your way. :)

Motto : Get Up, Dress Up and Love Life to the Fullest .

Thanks for reading  ❤️❤️❤️


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Flamboyant Ear Drops

                              Attention seeking pair of  earrings became a major fashion statement this season and I am glad that my favorite accessory in my late teens made a come back. My inspiration for this collection is my addiction in huge chandeliers when I was 18-21 years old so that makes me an OLD MILLENIAL (I know) ahahaha. Without project plans, I was able to construct this earrings using my own hands and plain imagination.



                               This pearl earrings are made of faux pearls and crystals. The cap was purely handwoven pearls  perfect for pristine outfits like little black dresses or white coordinates which adds class and elegance to your look.

Moonlight Deep Blue Crystal Ear Drops

                              I made this earrings to match my DIY off shoulder cut out top which I will be posting soon. This deep blue crystal ear drops were made by hand. It adorns and complements your bare shoulders just in case you decide to pare it with any outfit that shows off your shoulders.

Pink and Emerald Mini Chandelier

                             The Mini Chandelier earrings are a bit more sweet and romantic. This would look perfect with sundresses or girly rompers and not to mention , hoops are gonna be big this coming fall.

Melinda's Tamed Tassels

                               A minimalist style of tassel and crystal ear drops for maam Melinda with a touch of casual and glam. You can sport this using your high waist denims and plain tucked in black top. Women of any age would comfortably rock this with their outfit of choice since its classic simplicity and versatility would make a statement on its own.

                               Never ever get tired of adding glamour in your daily outfit of choice. Whether you are all dolled up or just wearing your off-duty look, adding an extra oomph in your OOTD through wearing unique earrings would take your outfit up a notch.

                            Thank you for sparing some of your time on checking my latest designs. For more information check my Facebook page
 Instagram account : statement_jewelriesbylois

Friday, August 18, 2017

Statement Jewelry: Pearl Adorned Slides , a creation on my 3rd decade

                             The world's oldest gem made its way back into the fashion scene as it invades the runway in the past few years. Known for its class and prestige, pearls have been one of women's favorite jewelries since it represents good taste. It is well justified why women choose to wear pearls on special occassions. Cleopatra and other royalties were known to wear pearls because it is rare and a precious treasure. Thanks to Coco Chanel, she made pearls more accessible to women. Her collaboration with jewelers paved the way for us to be able to appreciate how we can accessorize our outfits in a modernized way.  Up until now, a lot of designers are using pearls in their clothing and jewelry designs. Coco Chanel is my inspiration when it comes to my pearl jewelry designs since she was able to revive women's hunger for pearl accessories. Gone are the days when pearls are identified to be used only by classy elderly women in the society. It might be one of the oldest gems in the world but it's precious beauty remains the same.

                             As I enter my third decade in life, I am very proud to share that I was able to combine two of my most loved items to work on, which are shoes and jewelry. Cinderella already has  her well-known glass slippers so I made Ariel a footwear once she sets foot on land. It will be easier for her to use flat mules since she isn't an expert in walking in heels yet. :)

Pearl Adorned Slides

                                 The pearl and crystal embellishment are purely handmade. This design was planned  and made by yours truly. Furthermore, this project was not imitated from another designer piece. Last January 2017,I already planned the execution of this embellishment project. If only I had the luxury of time then I must have finished everything during summer but unfortunately, I couldn't and some resources where really not accessible here in Baguio City.

P.S The gold mule was purchased from H & M.

My curvy fashion statement wearing my very own pearl adorned slides and pearl cuff on my 30th birthday.

                                      My project didn't stop on my metallic slides. I also experimented on fur slides and the pearls and crystals really added some class into it. Comfortability + Style makes it a good fashion accessory. Now, I didn't have to choose between comfortability and style. I can have the best of both worlds.

                                 In my 30 years of existence, I never thought I would love jewelries this much and the great Coco Chanel was one of my greatest inspirations to work on unique pieces. I firmly believe that a classic outfit is lifeless without something that adds sparkle into it.

                                     I'm excited to wear my pearl slides real soon. If you want to inquire about this creation, contact me through
 Instagram account: @mademoisellebijouxtier
Facebook Account:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Statement Jewelries: Tassel Dazzle

                               Fashion girls have a new standard in accessorizing and it adds a playful, happy and charming touch to any outfit that they match it with. Tassel earrings are almost everywhere and fashionistas are so loving it! Check Pinterest and Instagram and chicas are sporting it everywhere. Before, we usually find tassels in curtains, tables and knitted goods but now it is found in high-end fashion brands like Oscar Dela Renta, Saint Laurent and many more. It has been a favorite fashion accessory in the runway this and last season. No wonder, celebrities and influencers have been going gaga over this simple and festive accessory.

                                  Thread tassels are the most basic design and we usually see it being sold online. As an artist, I would like to share my own version of tassel earrings. It would be more fun to add glitz and a bit of glam into it. My accessory collection wouldn't be complete without gems and crystals and I believe adding more life into those stacks of thread would make it look lovelier and glamorous. 

                               Black and Gold,  one of best regal color combinations and it makes the accessory flexible to any type of outfit that you choose to match it with. The different crystals used in the cap of the tassels gave the right sparkle to rock the night away with your cocktail/party dress or jumpsuit.

                               Wearing tassels would make you feel like there's always a celebration somewhere. In addition to that,  the crystals and metal adornments in it would complete your posh outfit. Try these with off-shoulder tops, boho rompers, colorful dresses and this particular tassel earrings design would definitely complement it well.

Thank you for spending some time in checking my latest project. I am super excited to share my next creation that I have been working on for weeks already.

The designs and photos are all mine.

For inquiries send me an email through or check and send me a message through
Instagram: mademoisellebijouxtier

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Curvy Girl's Favorites: MAC Matte Lipsticks

                                Whether it's for a formal event or an off-duty look, we know that lippie colors have a huge impact on our entire get-up. Make-up junkies have various options to choose from and a lot of youtube reviews are already helpful when it comes to choosing the shade that we like most. Matte finish is still still my personal  favorite because of it's longevity and how it balances the shape of my lips and wearing bold shades. I know the agony of choosing from a hundred lippie shades and when you don't know what to buy at that moment, you might end up wasting your money and facing the dilemma of choosing between 2 colors that are almost the same. Coming from different collections and seasons, I have learned my top picks through time and it means almost six years. I chose to stick with mac because of its quality particularly their realistic ads of their lipstick shades and I wasn't disappointed,  the tried and tested long lasting effects, and they are safe to use (low lead content). With that being said, here are my favorites;


                              Local and International celebrities were spotted wearing this MAC all-time fave red retro matte lippie and I can swear on its magic when you try to apply it to your lips. It has a fairy-godmother instant effect once you wear this shade.  According to Vogue UK, Ruby Woo is included in the Best Red Lipsticks of 2017. This has been a favorite because of the bold statement it gives and its impressive versatility because it looks good on every skin tone. Morenas don't need to worry on this red lippie because it will surely look good on them.



                                 My second favorite red lippie is this deep red retro-matte liquid lipstick. If you want to add a touch of sexiness and glam into your entire look then go for this shade. According to This red lippie shade perseveres and a must when you're planning to dance the night away.


                                 My third lippie of choice is still under the first batch of retro matte liquid lipstick launched by MAC. This time, it is berry shaded and vampy. I promise you this lippie has amazed my friends who have seen it for its lovely bold plum shade. It will emphasize the fierce sexiness of your lips. Carolina Herrera, a designer known for her signature elegance used MAC raspberry shade OH LADY on the runway. According to Laura Regensdorf of Vogue Magazine this matte berry lippie feels fresh and I couldn't agree more.


                                 This lippie is from the first retro matte lipstick of collection of mac and I was in awe when I tried this on for the very first time. It has the perfect touch of pink and plum. If you want to be on the sweeter side and still wear something plumish then this is the right shade to put on. Plum can often gives you a vampy touch on your make up. On the contary, this shade has its miracles for it can be used for a laid-back sweet look.


                                  Coral shade lipsticks are best used during summer time and my first favorite lippie shade is under the coral shade. This is a combination of red and orange and i love how it lightens up my face when I use it. Olive skinned girls would also look good on this matte coral shade so when it comes to versatility, then you can rely on this red - orange lippie. featured Lady danger in the best red lipsticks of all time and they said it looks amazing on every skin tone.


                                  The perfect shade that I've chosen for a sexy vampy look is DIVA. This is close to the marsala shade and once you wear it, you will feel that you're a part of the Vampire Diaries cast. In an interview with elle magazine, Huda Kattan a beauty influencer recommends the use of MAC DIVA for an ultimate sexy red lip.


                                 I'm not a huge fan of nudes because I had a hard time in looking for a shade that suits me well. This peachy pink matte shade looks good on my no-make-up look and so far, I am satisfied. Kinda Sexy was featured in Elle Singapore as one of the nude lippies of their choice.

                               My top 6 favorites are proven to have long-lasting effects. It looks great on any kind of outfit. Mattes are known to be drying on the lips so you have to keep in mind that you have a responsibility to take care of your lips when you love using mattes. Scrub and moisturize your lips regularly and for the liquid lipsticks. You have to use a lip balm or lip moisturizer before you apply the matte lippie. Truth be told, I achieved good results just as long as I take care of my lips. When it comes to the brand, yes I know that it can be expensive compared to other drugstore brands but when it comes to the pigment quality MAC is still better even though some bloggers have mentioned that they have cheaper dupes. I have always believed that you can save if you wanted to get good quality of products. This is based on my experience and I am not imposing that these are ONLY the best. I have heard of good reviews from Sephora, Tom Ford and other high end brands but I still have to try them on. You can check the nearest MAC store near you and try the mentioned shades personally. It is always best to search and check before rushing to the store. You don't like to max out your CC's right?


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy International Women's Day: Cheers to the Courageous Women Around the World

                              The strongest action of a WOMAN is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could - Anonymous 

                             It is insanely difficult to be a woman and I'm pretty sure you would agree with me. We continue to learn more about ourselves as we grow older and the road to accepting and loving ourselves might be bumpy.It ain't going to be easy be that as it may I assure you it's gonna be one hell of a ride. Today, we should celebrate our victories and lessons in life. It only shows that we are tough and willing to accept challenges along the way. We were so used to live in a world where there are norms and standards that we have to strictly follow to be acknowledged and accepted . Although this may be true, we were all awakened lately by diversity and body acceptance. We are gradually redefining beauty in different angles which liberates from the pressure and whatever media dictates. There are a lot of influencers who support these beliefs and women in different shapes, sizes and colors were speaking up on how to be happy which needs to start with yourself.

                            To the women who are struggling to be happy , may you be guided and inspired by the different women who finally found the key to their happiness by starting to get to know themselves . Don't be afraid to be yourself and show them what you've got. We have done a lot of positive changes in this world and I do believe that we can do more.

                            The only concern that bothers a lot of women is the misogynistic views that still remains in the society.  Personally, living in a very conservative culture can be difficult for they have their own rules when it comes to what is acceptable or not. As long as you won't harm other people, no one has any right to stop you when it comes to expressing yourself and hinder your happiness. Do not shame women if they wear something off your standards, pear or apple shaped.Same thing goes for curvy or big women. We don't have any reason to hate skinny women because we are ALL BEAUTIFUL.We should still support Miss Universe, Plus Size blogs or any event that would showcase the talents of different women . We all have this campaign on embracing natural beauty but we don't have to hate women who loves to wear make-up, big women who loves to wear revealing clothes, their color preference whether they like loud and bold colors or neutral colors. We are free to have our own preferences and everyone has to RESPECT it.

                          We should all be proud in our achievements as women and these little things that I am sharing might enlighten you. Modern day filipinas are fighting for different advocacies but these little milestones in women empowerment could change the lives of struggling women around the world.

                          Let us give each other a chance. We might not agree about everything but we certainly have a choice to live in a peaceful and loving world. Happy International Women's day! Cheers to all the courageous women who are not afraid to show the world who they really are. Do not let other people stop you in your journey to self acceptance and happiness and may we all continue to inspire each other.

I would like to thank Plus Model Magazine for their repost feature Last November.

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others - Brene Brown 

                 I honestly believe that it is just normal to love ourselves but we can't avoid people who would rather make us  hate ourselves for being true and encourage self-rejection. We should never give up on the battle of accepting what we have and what we don't and then would we only achieve peace of mind. Their opinion shouldn't matter at all when it comes to loving who we really are.

Don't get so used to people who are telling you not to love yourself. Honor yourself and strive to better than who you are today.  #wings #nothighgaps #bodypositivity

                Thank you for sparing some of your time to read my post. To all the women around the world, congratulate yourselves for you are all a great work of art. #beproud

Summer is about to come, and I am more than excited to share some fashion and DIY ideas this year.
Please stay tuned for my future posts.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Statement Jewelries: Le Victorieux Collection

                  It is the season of love and romance and I am more than excited to share my Le Victorieux Collection. We typically express ourselves through words and body language but this is quite different from the usual. Art is also an expression of love and that is the reason why this collection is all about passion, ambition, and mystery.  The entire collection is inspired by a different kind of new found love. It's exciting but injurious at the same time furthermore it dwells on a realist's point of view about love.

                 The Victorieux Collection is composed of pearls, different kinds of crystals and chains.

 Chained Constellation 

                   " How we loved star gazing at night" 
                This necklace is all about the love for gazing at the stars up above. It gives us a romantic connection between the world we are living in and the wishes that we whisper to the stars in the middle of the night.  

Beloved Choker

                   Beautiful things should belong to beautiful souls. If you have found someone whom you perceive as perfect with their imperfections then that is called one precious love. 

Vintage Captivation Bangle

                 Pearls are found deep in the ocean and crystals are considered precious. Inspired by unspoken precious love, I designed this bangle to express the devotion and adoration that every individual wants to find.

Anchored in Love

"Your love will keep me afloat but will remain an anchor in my soul"
Once you are captivated, there is no turning back, This necklace is made of assorted crystals. 

Smoky Quartz Bangle (quad)

                     Smoky quartz heals pain and establishes peace. It helps you row your past. As they say, the bravest thing you can do is love again. If it is worth the risk why not? Love is a beautiful thing and you should allow yourself to experience it.


                   Inspired by grace, resilience and genuine love, I designed this bangle to mix elegance and simplicity. This work of art is made of smoky quartz, Russian beads and synthetic pearls.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trend Report for 2017.

Welcoming 2017 is very exciting. As they say, we can start another chapter of our lives and for sure the fashionistas are looking forward on the trends that are coming this year. There are various designs that could take the place of your Kim K  inspired bodycon dresses and look book inspired silk dresses . If you have plans of decluttering your closet then check out the coming trends first before finally deciding what to keep and what to let go. Get ready to invest in some of the new pieces and ponder on what style you would prefer to sport this year.


Nautical dresses will be seen more in the runway and also in fast fashion stores. This time, it wont be limited to black, white and red. Striped garments like button downs will be bolder and brighter with different textures. Graphic prints will also be trendy so watch out especially for the sporty and preppy girls out there. Your favorite style is in this year.


Floral prints would make a fresh come back this year. It is one of the most favorite prints during summer spring and autumn that's the reason why it's exciting to play with different floral designs this coming spring and summer. Maxi skirts, long or short sleeved tops and jumpsuits in floral prints are welcome this year.


Eye catching bright neon garments will be back this year so if you are a fan of neutral or basic colors , maybe you would like to consider wearing neon colored tops or dresses like yellow or orange for a change.  You can check DKNY  and Jason Wu designs for you to have an idea on how to pull the look off.


We encountered ruffled tops and skirts last year. This year, it will be voluminous. This design is oozing with femininity and class. If you have ruffled clothes in your closet then you can keep them for a while since ruffles are here to stay.


            White never goes out of style. Keeping a neat look will still be trendy this year from button downs, unique hemlines to shirt  dresses. It will be nice to include this on your work wear collection this year.


            SLOGAN SHIRTS

            Slogan shirts will replace logo shirts. Statement shirts would still be a favorite piece in street wear fashion.  You can match them with a pair of jeans or skirt that you like.  If you are too lazy to be chic, romantic and girly. You can still relax this year because activism is fashionable.


             From Athleisure it already matured into Athluxury. It is the matured athletic ready to wear fashion. You will see more structured skirts, trench coats matched with designer trainers. Sneakers are still going to be big this year. Clean and white rubber shoes will have to go low profile since printed and embellished rubber shoes will take its place. You can still use leggings and your midis so it means you can still keep them.


            Shoulder exposure is still in this year. Say hello single shouldered and deconstructed tops and dresses. It might not be as romantic as cold shouldered garments last 2016 but it’s something new that we should try this year.


According to Steff Yotka of Vogue, khaki is the new jeans. Khaki pants and dresses will start to appear on your favorite blogger’s OOTDs so you might want to check this out soon. You can bid your sad goodbyes on your beige colored clothes since khaki will soon take its place. Little did we know that utilitarian material could be turned into chic pieces. You can check J crew and Carolina Herrera’s work for style ideas.


The bulky footwear that we’ve been avoiding for sometime is back. According to Steff Yotka of Vogue, Crocs is the new Birks. Crocs will be designed and embellished. Check Christopher Kane’s Spring 2017 designs for you to check on how he brought crocs to life again. 


Elevated shoes are back! Soon, platforms will be every woman’s addiction just like how Stan Smiths invaded instagram OOTDs. It will be every fashionista’s footwear of choice. You might need to practice walking on them if you’re not used to wearing high heels.


Slip-ons have started to trend late last year and this year, it’s going to continue showing up on your Instagram feed. Local and international celebrities have been going gaga over their Gucci black mules. Have you started to look for one? Closed or open toed mules are one of the top footwear picks this year.

With all the different trends that were mentioned, you can now evaluate your closet. This year is going to be very exciting since all trends are flexible from girly, chic, classy, sporty and preppy. You can start experimenting on it if it's something new for you.  Always remember that you shouldn’t let the trend define your style. This will serve as your guide but your choices will still depend on what you think looks good on you and most importantly, choose pieces that you are comfortable with.  Enjoy your 2017 trend picks and start slaying.

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Credits to Pinterest and to the owner of the photos.