Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Curvy Girl's Favorites: MAC Matte Lipsticks

                                Whether it's for a formal event or an off-duty look, we know that lippie colors have a huge impact on our entire get-up. Make-up junkies have various options to choose from and a lot of youtube reviews are already helpful when it comes to choosing the shade that we like most. Matte finish is still still my personal  favorite because of it's longevity and how it balances the shape of my lips and wearing bold shades. I know the agony of choosing from a hundred lippie shades and when you don't know what to buy at that moment, you might end up wasting your money and facing the dilemma of choosing between 2 colors that are almost the same. Coming from different collections and seasons, I have learned my top picks through time and it means almost six years. I chose to stick with mac because of its quality particularly their realistic ads of their lipstick shades and I wasn't disappointed,  the tried and tested long lasting effects, and they are safe to use (low lead content). With that being said, here are my favorites;


                              Local and International celebrities were spotted wearing this MAC all-time fave red retro matte lippie and I can swear on its magic when you try to apply it to your lips. It has a fairy-godmother instant effect once you wear this shade.  According to Vogue UK, Ruby Woo is included in the Best Red Lipsticks of 2017. This has been a favorite because of the bold statement it gives and its impressive versatility because it looks good on every skin tone. Morenas don't need to worry on this red lippie because it will surely look good on them.



                                 My second favorite red lippie is this deep red retro-matte liquid lipstick. If you want to add a touch of sexiness and glam into your entire look then go for this shade. According to This red lippie shade perseveres and a must when you're planning to dance the night away.


                                 My third lippie of choice is still under the first batch of retro matte liquid lipstick launched by MAC. This time, it is berry shaded and vampy. I promise you this lippie has amazed my friends who have seen it for its lovely bold plum shade. It will emphasize the fierce sexiness of your lips. Carolina Herrera, a designer known for her signature elegance used MAC raspberry shade OH LADY on the runway. According to Laura Regensdorf of Vogue Magazine this matte berry lippie feels fresh and I couldn't agree more.


                                 This lippie is from the first retro matte lipstick of collection of mac and I was in awe when I tried this on for the very first time. It has the perfect touch of pink and plum. If you want to be on the sweeter side and still wear something plumish then this is the right shade to put on. Plum can often gives you a vampy touch on your make up. On the contary, this shade has its miracles for it can be used for a laid-back sweet look.


                                  Coral shade lipsticks are best used during summer time and my first favorite lippie shade is under the coral shade. This is a combination of red and orange and i love how it lightens up my face when I use it. Olive skinned girls would also look good on this matte coral shade so when it comes to versatility, then you can rely on this red - orange lippie. featured Lady danger in the best red lipsticks of all time and they said it looks amazing on every skin tone.


                                  The perfect shade that I've chosen for a sexy vampy look is DIVA. This is close to the marsala shade and once you wear it, you will feel that you're a part of the Vampire Diaries cast. In an interview with elle magazine, Huda Kattan a beauty influencer recommends the use of MAC DIVA for an ultimate sexy red lip.


                                 I'm not a huge fan of nudes because I had a hard time in looking for a shade that suits me well. This peachy pink matte shade looks good on my no-make-up look and so far, I am satisfied. Kinda Sexy was featured in Elle Singapore as one of the nude lippies of their choice.

                               My top 6 favorites are proven to have long-lasting effects. It looks great on any kind of outfit. Mattes are known to be drying on the lips so you have to keep in mind that you have a responsibility to take care of your lips when you love using mattes. Scrub and moisturize your lips regularly and for the liquid lipsticks. You have to use a lip balm or lip moisturizer before you apply the matte lippie. Truth be told, I achieved good results just as long as I take care of my lips. When it comes to the brand, yes I know that it can be expensive compared to other drugstore brands but when it comes to the pigment quality MAC is still better even though some bloggers have mentioned that they have cheaper dupes. I have always believed that you can save if you wanted to get good quality of products. This is based on my experience and I am not imposing that these are ONLY the best. I have heard of good reviews from Sephora, Tom Ford and other high end brands but I still have to try them on. You can check the nearest MAC store near you and try the mentioned shades personally. It is always best to search and check before rushing to the store. You don't like to max out your CC's right?


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