Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Statement Jewelry Collection : Earth, Water, Wind and Fire - Elemental characteristics inspired jewelries

                      Happy New Year ! I'm really excited to start my year with series of designs inspired by the diversity of different emotions and inspiration.   It was never easy for me to understand how I can put all of my creations in one collection but nevertheless, I finally came up with the 4 elements . The universe is made out of the different elements and I believe that these elements also represent certain qualities that we posses as a human being furthermore , the different jewelry designs were inspired by the different qualities that I hold under each element.


                      The water is an element of peace, balance and emotional connectivity and the end product of my  creations have a deep emotional connectivity to what I feel about myself and towards other people.

                                 FERVOR Crystal Jewelry Set

                      This crystal jewelry set was made on set. I did not have enough time to thi of a design but one thing is for sure,  an elegant jewelry set should be made before the day ends. From the moment I figured what I wanted to do with my blue crystals , my excitement couldn't stop me from rushing all the tasks that I was doing just for me to start constructing the designed project plan in my mind.  There was a high intensity of creativity in my soul that time I was starting to put all the materials together that is why I named the jewelry set as FERVOR which is the water element characteristic that I hold. Under those cirsumstances, I finished the design in less than an hour. There is too much excitement and enthusiasm inside of me that sometimes I tend to be exhilarated when it comes to designing jewelries.


                     The air is an element of brilliance and curiosity. One thing that I couldn't deny is that I am curious and skeptical. Loquaciousness is another characteristic that is attached to air people and I unapologetically admit that I am.

                                ARGUS-EYED Crystal Jewelry Set

                     This clear crystal water element creation was named ARGUS-EYED necklace because I usually detect early signs of danger deep in my gut as has been noted, that is one very significant air quality that I have.


                     The earth element is a sign of discipline and regularity thus, earth people are focused and perfectionists, such qualities are must haves for artists. A part of me consists of a few earth personalities such as making sure my work of art is done properly,  loyalty to the chosen people I trust and love and more.

                              DESPISE Russian crystal Bangle

                     This crystal bangle represents a negative side of me which belongs to the earth element which is scornfulness although this may be true, I usually despise people who does not deserve respect. Bullying, body shaming, humiliation, harassment, inflicting pain to an animal or individual are some of the reasons why I disdain some individuals who choose to provoke and initiate any form of harm.


                     The fire is a passionate, powerful and extreme element. Majority of my characteristics belongs to this element. I am a fire person, a Lioness born in mid August.

                            PUISSANT Wrist Cuff

                      This crystal wrist cuff is inspired by a dream empire that I have in mind. My future plans are vast and challenging yet I am positive that my throne is waiting for me somewhere out there in the right place and time. There's nothing wrong in visualizing your dreams right? No one can limit us but ourselves. The passion in my heart is like a fire burning and I will not stop until I get what I want. My zeal to success will lead me where I am destined.

                      Whatever element is dominant in our characteristics, we should make sure that we try to balance everything so we would do well in life. I genuinely express who I really am and I admit that I am far from perfect. Those imperfections, failures, hunger for success and drama provide the most meaningful inspiration in my creations.

                        Once again thank you for sparing your time reading my stories. I would be very excited to share more about my creativity. I can reproduce this jewelries for you just send an email @