Thursday, December 3, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT: Travelling in Style in the city of Smiles

TRAVEL  is all about the gorgeous feeling of teetering  in the unknown - anonymous. This was the exact feeling that I had when I landed in Silay airport. The only thing I had in my mind was to watch the famous Masskara parade and wonder if there’s more than that. I’m not much of a traveller but as I was able to discover that Bacolod is a nice city after all and knowing me, I’d really love to travel in style.  I felt accepted and respected as I paved my way through the different places in Bacolod. I was really surprised that they would look and smile at you even if you dress differently than them. It is indeed the city of smiles.

Masskara Festival 2015 

     The downtown is all adorned with masks and filled with festive beating of the  drums as the background music. It was like a street party and I'm excited to enjoy and have fun since it's my first time to experience this cool festival. Strolling around the plaza made me feel that negrenses have an artistic culture and that's one of the reasons why I enjoyed my vacation in Bacolod city. I was able to see different kind of Masskaras which reminds me so much of masquerade balls. According to some readings that I made, The masks were influenced by native Filipinos and the Masks of Venice Italy. They have incorporated feathers , glitters and so much color in the design of different masks that they  have been selling around the business center. I have thought of it as a nice inspiration for upcoming New Year costume parties. The masskaras play a very big role in making the festivities look livelier. The vibrance of  the masks lifts your  mood when you go around the streets of Bacolod. Without a doubt, the people of Bacolod knows how to accessorize the different masks very well and as a jewelry designer, I loved what I saw since I appreciate things that sparkle and glitter.

The Colorful Float Parade

 The people started to flock in the business center in preparation for the float parade. I have my camera with me to save memorable moments but I have to admit that I focused on living in the moment than capturing moments but don’t get me wrong. I was able to take awesome photos from the float parade. The event itself, exceeded my expectations. It was more than just decorated automobiles. The mesmerizing led lights gave so much life and excitement to the audience.  It looks like the animated life size colorful characters in trucks. They were dancing to the beat of latino music  as the trucks were approaching the stage. The audience were also dancing which gave us the feel of partying in the streets.

I was in awe when I saw their costumes.  We really have this idea that Filipinos are conservative when it comes to clothing but I did enjoy the fashionable costumes during the float parade. I was able to see geometric prints and a lot of lively colors. They made us experience summer in October.  Their costumes were obviously very colorful. I thought they would use tights and leotards or recycling native resources but they have mixed fashion with technology and that is genius. The beautiful midriffs, corsets and mini tutu skirt costumes were full of adornments. It is one of the coolest festivals that fashionistas would enjoy. The masks were not simple masks that you see and buy in the market and they were able to make elegant head pieces too. I hope designers would get the chance to make it as an inspiration especially for different pageants. Negrenses flaunted their artistic side in this festival. Their work of art would represent the positivity of Filipinos.  Looking into those designs made me wonder if I can design accessories and head pieces inspired by the masskaras and you can now pattern your next head dress based on their recent costumes .  They were absolutely correct when they said that It’s not the usual masquerade.


First and foremost the CHICKEN INASAL is really GOOD! REALLY REALLY GOOD!. You can find it near the plaza  or in some restaurants nearby. Nena’s inasal tastes so good in a way that it is juicy, smoked and not boiled. The natural flavor and spices really made it so tasty and yummy.

Second, we tried Dana’s Buko Cocktail. Their halo-halo in a buko shell tastes good. Just right for the warm weather that they have. 

Third, La Paz Batchoy is one of the noodle soup recipe that I love from Bacolod. I tried one near the Plaza and  I can attest that it’s bombarded with ingredients like liver, chicharon, pork, chicken, spices and egg that makes it more palatable

Fourth, Bong Bong’s Pasalubong goods are the best! Big barquillos, piaya and many more sweets that will be packed for you in a very convenient way especially if you’re gonna travel back to manila.

Around Bacolod City

Since we only have limited time left, we went out to check the treasures of Bacolod City.


Hot spring, pool, falls and lake in one place. It’s a one stop shop of scenic places. Sad to say, I was not able to check the 7 falls because it was really raining so hard. Enjoy their large pool,  awesome hot spring and the lake where you could take your family and friends for picnic and boating. If you like to explore nature, this is the right place for you.

SM, Robinsons and Ayala mall is accessible so If you want to go shopping then you can immediately ask the people of Bacolod and rest assured that it’s easy to get there since jitneys and cabs are the mode of transportation.


Last but not the least, my experience in Bacolod wouldn’t be complete without checking out the Ruins. It is one of the favorite shoot locations of our local movies and series. I can say that this place has a very vintage feel and I do recommend you to include this on your bucket list when it comes to blog or OOTD location shoots in other words this place is Instagram worthy. They have preserved this location well and I can say it is one of the most romantic places in Bacolod. I took advantage of the scenic view and I had a few shots taken which I would be proud to post in lookbook and blogspot. The fountain and building structure went well with my brimmed hat and mullet dress. I’m glad that my pictures have this Parisian/ French vibe. It’s like I’m a cast in a classic old movie. I fell in love with this romantic spot in Silay City.

Bacolod is a big city and I lack time to be able to stroll and to check all of the awesome places but nevertheless ,I really had fun travelling in the city of smiles and I can proudly say that you can travel in style here without feeling awkward. It has been a great experience for me to discover the creativity and artistic side of our fellow Filipinos and it will inspire us to show our capabilities. The most important part of travelling in this place is that it teaches us to be positive in life whatever challenges we might face. Looking back at history, this festival was founded to survive the difficulties that they are encountering economically and the MV Don Juan Tragedy. The city of smiles is a destination where you could appreciate a lot of things. Their art, their hospitable and friendly people and their positivity that radiates from within. I left Bacolod city with a smile and I will definitely comeback.