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CURVY STATEMENT : FAT FAT FAT!!!!!! - Bullying, judgements plus altered body image perception

                                               Before anything else I just wanted to say that I am pro healthy lifestyle and not tolerating obesity or saying that it is just right but do something about it. We should encourage healthy and balanced diet and exercise.

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                               Based on Merriam Webster  it is having extra flesh on your body, having a full rounded form or unusually wide or thick. Fat is an adjective.

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                               Well for some, they might get offended but that might be true. For some, they are aware of it and has accepted it with open arms. Reality bites and in my case I'm already used to it. I don't even get mad but maybe it will depend on how they deliver it. Fat is a description same with small, petite. tall, wide etc. There is nothing wrong with it. But calling you names like instead of calling you with your first and last name they address you with the name FAT through confrontation or at your back even if you're not acquainted with them is a form of insult. Would we allow them to do that? Friends do that but aside from your closest friends it became rampant that bullying is acceptable just because it's true? It already became socially acceptable in the neighborhood and schools. Again this is not tolerating fat or obese people but this is a demand for RESPECT. Lately, I encountered an argument with college students regarding being called fat accompanied with the word UGLY LAZY and NO DISCIPLINE.

                                  Fat could mean big , wide, huge but not UGLY and no one has the right to associate us with animals like pigs because we are not animals but humans too. We have the same rights and basic needs. An amateur model who was once overweight called me PIG. "Yung baboy na yon di naman talaga siya magaling" Maybe I'm not a good designer yet but I am not a pig. I'm human so I deserve to be called by my first name. How was he raised? Well I know manners can't be bought and it will say more about him than me. Just because they're in the fashion industry and size 0 is in that doesn't give them any right to disrespect people. Growing  up as a busty plus size teenager, it was difficult for me to present myself. There are countless girls and boys who bully me and got used to it and worse is that they harass you sexually. I admit, it is really difficult to deal with it especially when it comes to self esteem. Good thing about me is that I know how to comfort and defend myself but how about those ones who would rather stay at home and hate the world? How about those who doesn't know how to lift themselves up? It could wipe out all the positivity in them. They could end up having inferiority complex. For more information, you can check on Alfred Alder's point on inferiority complex and Poor adolescent wellness continues till adulthood. (Caspi & Elder, 1988; Pajer, model of wellness, grounded in Adlerian theory)

                                  Bullies have no idea how it could affect their victims and worse is that it can affect them their entire lives. Awareness about suicide and social withdrawal is at times caused by bad experiences in bullying. Let's save those who are traumatized, and future generations. Who knows how weak a person is especially pure hearted ones who has lost hope in humanity just because of a bad experience. I would just like to help build themselves up again. Teens are mostly affected since they experience peer pressure and they are beginning to discover themselves in this important stage of their life. Please let us not break them. I'm calling everyone to help us stop this.

                                Yes, people have preferences and we respect if you don't like big or fat people so I hope you do the same for us. Stop being judgemental because you don't know each and everyone's battle especially PCOS warriors. It's a hormonal condition where losing weight is very challenging. Some are taking steroids because of medical conditions and etc. You have to be open minded in these special cases. Honestly, we don't know if you're doing something about it or not. It will always be their decision. Just don't hit them with conclusions that are unfair for them. Yes, it is unhealthy but it doesn't mean that you should join anyone who bullies plus size men and women. Education has a big role in enlightening parents on how they raise their kids to avoid bullying and avoid this as they grow older. It could help rebuild a better society.


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                                The models or Victoria's Secret Angels are size 0. They're hot and beautiful and that is because of the way media has imposed what beauty is. Redefining beauty would be a better solution in this case. Beauty should be limited to whatever size they want. Let every woman of different shape and size own it. No one has the right to belittle anyone and you should not give them the power to do that. No one should decide if you're beautiful or not except you. I suggest that you claim it each and everyday of your life. Is beauty limited to physical appearance? Of course not! You know that I guess.

                                 You have more than enough reasons to say HELLO BEAUTIFUL in front of the mirror. Keep the positivity within your body. You have a purpose in life, make other people happy. Let them feel that love that you can offer. Love and care for yourself physically and your well being. They will eventually see that they have so much to love about you. Forget bad experiences or let it inspire you to be a better person each day.


                                   What does this mean?

                                  Think Big - Be open minded and to change. Educate yourself on how to be a better person. Big is a description but not something which is negative. Be skeptical and critical. Appreciate creativity and different abilities.

                                  Think beautiful-  Bare in mind that BIG is also beautiful. Beauty belongs to each and every creation that God has made. Do not limit beauty to physical appearance but redefine it holistically.

                                   I'm sending my love to all of you. I hope you help us on this. Thank you once again for taking your time to read my page. <3

 * The photos are not mine. I just found it and their sources on Pinterest

I will be posting my next projects with full of inspiration soon. Thank you! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT: Sparkles and Colors - Jewelry Designs Summer of 2015

                                                 My brainstorming has lead me to these 3 wonderful pieces. For me, summer is all about radiant colors so I enjoyed playing with shades and mixing colors. I admit that I had limited resources and a few barriers in making designs this summer of 2015 but still thankful to have created pieces out of love. 

                                                    MICHELLE'S NECKLACE

 This anklet and necklace set was made for a client's request. She used this on her  son's birthday beach party. Since her outfit was very plain and relaxed. I chose a combination of 2 matte colors (Yellow and Orange) then matched with a sparkling emerald green colored Russian stones. The heart in the middle was constructed through bead weaving. Over all, the neck piece is a semi choker / Chandelier, 100 percent Russian Swarovsky . It turned out as a statement and  she was very happy about the custom made jewelries made for her.

This is a sample on how the necklace can be matched in casual girly outfits aside from maxi dresses in the beach or with floral or plain circle skirts which are a fad nowadays. This would also look good in smart casual or business attires but keep in mind that it will always depend on the colors that you will choose to wear. 

                                            PENELOPE'S CHANDELIER

Another bib chandelier necklace that I can match with my floral and plain dresses this summer. The water blue colored Swarovsky stones matched with matte yellow and a few orange beads made it more suitable for the summer season. 

                                                                     ARIELLE'S CHOKER

The glamour piece of my summer collection. This can be used in formal occasions. The Pyramid design in the middle of the choker are made of Emerald colored Russian Swarovsky stones. In my own opinion, Pink and Green is a lovely combination . It's kind of minimalist but elegant. Arielle's Choker could be worn in summer soirees. What do you think?

If you are interested in any of the accessories that I made, you can contact me through e-mail : or my phone number +639774090032 or you can inquire in the comment box below. 

Thank you very much!