Sunday, January 22, 2017

Statement Jewelries: Le Victorieux Collection

                  It is the season of love and romance and I am more than excited to share my Le Victorieux Collection. We typically express ourselves through words and body language but this is quite different from the usual. Art is also an expression of love and that is the reason why this collection is all about passion, ambition, and mystery.  The entire collection is inspired by a different kind of new found love. It's exciting but injurious at the same time furthermore it dwells on a realist's point of view about love.

                 The Victorieux Collection is composed of pearls, different kinds of crystals and chains.

 Chained Constellation 

                   " How we loved star gazing at night" 
                This necklace is all about the love for gazing at the stars up above. It gives us a romantic connection between the world we are living in and the wishes that we whisper to the stars in the middle of the night.  

Beloved Choker

                   Beautiful things should belong to beautiful souls. If you have found someone whom you perceive as perfect with their imperfections then that is called one precious love. 

Vintage Captivation Bangle

                 Pearls are found deep in the ocean and crystals are considered precious. Inspired by unspoken precious love, I designed this bangle to express the devotion and adoration that every individual wants to find.

Anchored in Love

"Your love will keep me afloat but will remain an anchor in my soul"
Once you are captivated, there is no turning back, This necklace is made of assorted crystals. 

Smoky Quartz Bangle (quad)

                     Smoky quartz heals pain and establishes peace. It helps you row your past. As they say, the bravest thing you can do is love again. If it is worth the risk why not? Love is a beautiful thing and you should allow yourself to experience it.


                   Inspired by grace, resilience and genuine love, I designed this bangle to mix elegance and simplicity. This work of art is made of smoky quartz, Russian beads and synthetic pearls.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trend Report for 2017.

Welcoming 2017 is very exciting. As they say, we can start another chapter of our lives and for sure the fashionistas are looking forward on the trends that are coming this year. There are various designs that could take the place of your Kim K  inspired bodycon dresses and look book inspired silk dresses . If you have plans of decluttering your closet then check out the coming trends first before finally deciding what to keep and what to let go. Get ready to invest in some of the new pieces and ponder on what style you would prefer to sport this year.


Nautical dresses will be seen more in the runway and also in fast fashion stores. This time, it wont be limited to black, white and red. Striped garments like button downs will be bolder and brighter with different textures. Graphic prints will also be trendy so watch out especially for the sporty and preppy girls out there. Your favorite style is in this year.


Floral prints would make a fresh come back this year. It is one of the most favorite prints during summer spring and autumn that's the reason why it's exciting to play with different floral designs this coming spring and summer. Maxi skirts, long or short sleeved tops and jumpsuits in floral prints are welcome this year.


Eye catching bright neon garments will be back this year so if you are a fan of neutral or basic colors , maybe you would like to consider wearing neon colored tops or dresses like yellow or orange for a change.  You can check DKNY  and Jason Wu designs for you to have an idea on how to pull the look off.


We encountered ruffled tops and skirts last year. This year, it will be voluminous. This design is oozing with femininity and class. If you have ruffled clothes in your closet then you can keep them for a while since ruffles are here to stay.


            White never goes out of style. Keeping a neat look will still be trendy this year from button downs, unique hemlines to shirt  dresses. It will be nice to include this on your work wear collection this year.


            SLOGAN SHIRTS

            Slogan shirts will replace logo shirts. Statement shirts would still be a favorite piece in street wear fashion.  You can match them with a pair of jeans or skirt that you like.  If you are too lazy to be chic, romantic and girly. You can still relax this year because activism is fashionable.


             From Athleisure it already matured into Athluxury. It is the matured athletic ready to wear fashion. You will see more structured skirts, trench coats matched with designer trainers. Sneakers are still going to be big this year. Clean and white rubber shoes will have to go low profile since printed and embellished rubber shoes will take its place. You can still use leggings and your midis so it means you can still keep them.


            Shoulder exposure is still in this year. Say hello single shouldered and deconstructed tops and dresses. It might not be as romantic as cold shouldered garments last 2016 but it’s something new that we should try this year.


According to Steff Yotka of Vogue, khaki is the new jeans. Khaki pants and dresses will start to appear on your favorite blogger’s OOTDs so you might want to check this out soon. You can bid your sad goodbyes on your beige colored clothes since khaki will soon take its place. Little did we know that utilitarian material could be turned into chic pieces. You can check J crew and Carolina Herrera’s work for style ideas.


The bulky footwear that we’ve been avoiding for sometime is back. According to Steff Yotka of Vogue, Crocs is the new Birks. Crocs will be designed and embellished. Check Christopher Kane’s Spring 2017 designs for you to check on how he brought crocs to life again. 


Elevated shoes are back! Soon, platforms will be every woman’s addiction just like how Stan Smiths invaded instagram OOTDs. It will be every fashionista’s footwear of choice. You might need to practice walking on them if you’re not used to wearing high heels.


Slip-ons have started to trend late last year and this year, it’s going to continue showing up on your Instagram feed. Local and international celebrities have been going gaga over their Gucci black mules. Have you started to look for one? Closed or open toed mules are one of the top footwear picks this year.

With all the different trends that were mentioned, you can now evaluate your closet. This year is going to be very exciting since all trends are flexible from girly, chic, classy, sporty and preppy. You can start experimenting on it if it's something new for you.  Always remember that you shouldn’t let the trend define your style. This will serve as your guide but your choices will still depend on what you think looks good on you and most importantly, choose pieces that you are comfortable with.  Enjoy your 2017 trend picks and start slaying.

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Credits to Pinterest and to the owner of the photos.