Saturday, August 24, 2013

CURVY STATEMENT - Loving colorful stones, jewels, accesories that lead to my creation of neck pieces

             Before, I have never thought of wearing necklaces or even making it as my favorite accessory but now I had a change of heart and I have been enjoying the combination of my colorful stones that glams up every outfit that I have chosen to match.

             Every creation has a story. I will share a small amount of detail in every necklace that I made as I am presenting each one of them

Black and Silver Bib Necklace

               This is my first creation. I have reserved my black and silver Swarovsky stones for a special design. It took me awhile to use these stones and finally, I made a decision that this is the right design for these colors and stones. This is a bib necklace , a simple design that I could match with blouses and any top that contrasts the color of the necklace. As far as I can remember I made this necklace out of anger.. LOL I was angry with my dad for some reason? I just can't remember it well :)))))

 Red and Gold Waterfall Necklace

                  It was quite hard for me to think of a design for this color combination but actually, my inspiration is Chinese theme. I was able to to come up with a design before Chinese New Year. This is a signature color for that occasion. By that time, I was just in the right mood to create something attractive and this is the final result. It's not so bad after all. I have been using this necklace together with a gorgeous dress.

Colorful Candy Necklace

                         The colorful stones in the picture are supposed to be for embellishments on clothes but I made a necklace out of it. I was inspired by the color blocked dresses that I have dreamt of making. SO i just combined these different colored stones that are good to look at and attractive. It makes me feel younger whenever I use this and very perfect for the summer dresses that I have.

                      Tear Drop Necklace

                               This next creation was made 3-4am in the morning. I was nocturnal that time and out of anger from a hypocrite ex fake friend. I was able to create this necklace. Thanking her was the last thing I could think of but because of her I was able to construct a timeless necklace that I could use during formal or casual occasions. When I was in the process of doing this, there was one thing that I could think of "GO TO HELL B*" hahahah sorry for the word but  I really mean it . I ended up feeling happy because I created something elegant.

                             Jeweled  Metallic Dual Layered Necklace

                            The metallic like beads that were used in this creation was just a gift to me. I was pondering on when and what kind of accessory should I use this to. The perfect time was there and I came up with a metallic or futuristic type of necklace design. I tried to combine fancy plastic stones in the middle as the main accent. It matched and accentuated the neck piece. Well, It's an achievement for me. Thank you Lord for the blessing of time and inspiration.

                          Blue, Red and Elated

                        It's so difficult for me to make something presentable especially when I am very happy. my crazy sister asked me to make her one necklace and I only have a few stones left so it means that those are left overs and those are the least beautiful stones that I have. There's no no choice but to use my resources and instead of making a simple bib necklace then I just added a hanging blue stone in the middle. I'm so sorry to say but this is my lazy creation and my most recent . I couldn't think of any design yet. Oh crazy little thing called LOVE :)

*sorry for the negative things that were included in the blog but that was just a part of my motivation.
*Credits for Judy Yu Ang for the swarovsky stones and all of the materials used to make the necklaces
*The neck model is my crazy 19 year old sister follow her on twitter @imfluffygeselle I swear she's more than a neck LOL :)

I'll be making more in the future :)

Thank you. Lots of Love !!!!