Friday, August 18, 2017

Statement Jewelry: Pearl Adorned Slides , a creation on my 3rd decade

                             The world's oldest gem made its way back into the fashion scene as it invades the runway in the past few years. Known for its class and prestige, pearls have been one of women's favorite jewelries since it represents good taste. It is well justified why women choose to wear pearls on special occassions. Cleopatra and other royalties were known to wear pearls because it is rare and a precious treasure. Thanks to Coco Chanel, she made pearls more accessible to women. Her collaboration with jewelers paved the way for us to be able to appreciate how we can accessorize our outfits in a modernized way.  Up until now, a lot of designers are using pearls in their clothing and jewelry designs. Coco Chanel is my inspiration when it comes to my pearl jewelry designs since she was able to revive women's hunger for pearl accessories. Gone are the days when pearls are identified to be used only by classy elderly women in the society. It might be one of the oldest gems in the world but it's precious beauty remains the same.

                             As I enter my third decade in life, I am very proud to share that I was able to combine two of my most loved items to work on, which are shoes and jewelry. Cinderella already has  her well-known glass slippers so I made Ariel a footwear once she sets foot on land. It will be easier for her to use flat mules since she isn't an expert in walking in heels yet. :)

Pearl Adorned Slides

                                 The pearl and crystal embellishment are purely handmade. This design was planned  and made by yours truly. Furthermore, this project was not imitated from another designer piece. Last January 2017,I already planned the execution of this embellishment project. If only I had the luxury of time then I must have finished everything during summer but unfortunately, I couldn't and some resources where really not accessible here in Baguio City.

P.S The gold mule was purchased from H & M.

My curvy fashion statement wearing my very own pearl adorned slides and pearl cuff on my 30th birthday.

                                      My project didn't stop on my metallic slides. I also experimented on fur slides and the pearls and crystals really added some class into it. Comfortability + Style makes it a good fashion accessory. Now, I didn't have to choose between comfortability and style. I can have the best of both worlds.

                                 In my 30 years of existence, I never thought I would love jewelries this much and the great Coco Chanel was one of my greatest inspirations to work on unique pieces. I firmly believe that a classic outfit is lifeless without something that adds sparkle into it.

                                     I'm excited to wear my pearl slides real soon. If you want to inquire about this creation, contact me through
 Instagram account: @mademoisellebijouxtier
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