Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lacey, sheery and jeweled

Sheer and lacy dresses were used in cocktail  and social parties before but now they can be a part of our everyday get up. Sheers, laces and stones are utilized in formal occasions before, now there are a few twists to make it casual and simple.

A laced dress is very feminine and once you pair it with oxfords, it will be difficult to make it work but in the photo below, you can observe that the jeweled detail in the footwear rocks! This is a classical vintage look that you can sport while strolling the mall or just meet up with friends somewhere.

Speaking of Jeweled footwear, I spotted a dazzling pair of jeweled bollywood inspired thongs. They really look great with cute nail art :) Going back to the jeweled pair, the gold thongs were studded with metallic beads and stones. It makes you feel like you're an arabic or Indian princess. When I first tried them on , it makes your feet look all glamed up! It is a great accessory that could jive with simple pieces or any plain outfit. The image below is an example of simple pieces paired with the studded thongs.

(dress and oxfords and dress from Hong kong night market )

Bag and jeweled thongs :Celine