Friday, October 14, 2016

Personalize your Havaianas


                               Flip flops are one of the most basic footwear that we should have in our closet because of its comfortability and versatility. It is commonly used in the beach and during summer time but here in the Philippines, it's an all around foot wear.We usually go to the beach whenever the sun shows up so we can use our flip flops even if summer is already over. One of the well known and trusted brand of flip flops is Havaianas. It is durable and gives you the marshmallow like comfort. Aside from that, a lot of filipinos love to shop for a pair and even collect various designs and colors.

                               Knowing my taste and style, I am not so into any kind of flip flops but I do like comfortable and lightweight footwear so whenever I want to shop for a pair of durable and cute slippers, I'd go to the nearest Havaianas shop. Usually, my choices of wardrobe are too girly or more on skirts and classic smart casual side. Whenever I'm shifting from heels to flip flops, I always get this feeling that my substitute footwear of choice is wrong. Sad to say, I would just wear them in the beach and most of the time and it stays in my rack for stoarage. I pondered on how I can make my slippers pretty enough to sport it on any occassion and attire. I ended up with the concept of embellishing it with crystals. As a jewelry artist, embellishing shoes/ any footwear is not new to me but I am worried since I'm going to use thick beading wires, metal locks etc.  and it's rubber that we're talking about here not leather or plastic. Anyway, I'll never know until I try it and do the quality control analysis.

                               Materials Needed

1. Havaianas
2. Crystals (assorted)
3.Needle (Any size would do depending on the beading wire size but you can use the largest size available for hand sewing)
4.Beading wire (.45)
5. Glue gun
6. Glue stick

                                Skills Needed

1. Basic Sewing
2. Jewelry making /Designing


1. Inspect the slippers. It should be in good condition meaning, it should be intact so it wont break when the needle will be used to sew wire and beads. Decide where and what part of the slipper you like to embellish.

2. Just like in jewelry designing, check the color combination of the stones that you like to use. Insert the beads in the beading wire according to your desired crystal/stone combination. You can use 2 strings/wire to make sure it wont easily break when the slipper gets wet or exposed to sun/heat. Put the lock in the end just like what we do in bracelets to keep it in place. Make sure its durable enough to withstand the friction/force applied in the foot area.

3. Apply the glue to the selected area of the slipper where  you like to ornament and immediately place the combination of crystals that you designed. To secure the crystals, use the needle. Insert the beading wire at the bottom hole of the needle and sew the beads in the rubber. Make sure you don't insert the needle in the edges of the rubber so it wont be easily destroyed. Aside from that, try to sew it in the thick parts of the slipper straps. Make sure to sew it properly for your design to last longer.

4. Put the metal locks and try to pull the crystals to test it's durability.

                                You can sew the beads one by one just make sure it looks alike on the other pair and you can manage to do it neatly but if not you can follow the steps mentioned above. If you like to use shells or quartz you are free to do so just learn how to secure them well and check if it doesn't affect the comfortability of the flip flops.
Sorry for my not so pretty feet

                                It has been months since I personalized my Havaianas and it is still in good condition. My slippers were exposed in salt water, rain and sunlight and so far it's as good as new. I do recommend Havaianas not only for withstanding water and sunlight but also its good quality of rubber considering I used thick beading wires and needles. Unleash your creative side in personalizing your slippers and for sure, you will be able to enjoy dressing up with your unique Havaianas in different weather conditions.

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