Saturday, November 1, 2014

CURVY STATEMENT - DIY Denim Irregular hem skater skirt

  This is the denim skater skirt I made a few months ago just becasue I am so bored with all the skirts that could be bought from the mall or even lazy to shop online. Out of boredom, it just took me more than an hour to finish this. Recently, I paired the skirt to my white fitted top and of course a pretty brown  corporate blazer and Zara peeptoe shoes.

Another option is....

                                                   The casual dressy girl attire where I just paired it with my grandma's floral top and flats. The skirt could be paired with any kind of styling that you'd like that's why it has been my favorite skirt since it's very easy to pair it with anything on my closet especially if I'm lazy to think of what to wear. It's just an idea and a work of art that I'd like to share.

Thank you !!!!