Thursday, May 28, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT - DIY floral dress: Sweet Summer's Goodbye

                                                    And now, the end is near.... Yes! The rainy season is about to come but before that happens I just wanna say good bye to my favorite season of the year. Summer, I will miss you, your warmth and of course the blue skies.  Summer of 2015 will leave me with a sweet memory because I was able to do what I love doing full time.

                                                   Another boring dress was altered into a sweet classic dress. The prints were filled with colorful flowers and I had to brainstorm on what to do with it. I don't like it to be the ordinary floral sleeveless dress because I have done so many in the past few summer season. It needs to be wearable in casual days but still classy so I decided to redesign the sleeve  and the back area of the dress. The hemline was redesigned to have a shorter length at the sides and a little longer in the middle and back but still above the knee area (favorite).

The making of the floral dress of 2015 :)
              The photos below would give you a closer look of the improvements made to the dress.

Front view of the dress - This quite long compared to other dresses that I made for summer. 

 At least this can be an office acceptable attire just match it with a plain blazer

Side view - The hemlines are shorter at the side. There's  glance of the ribbon cut out at the back.
If you can try to visualize the sleeve It was adorned with a ribbon (folded and sewed) so that there is added comfort-ability during warm days,If you feel like strolling after work or in the afternoon :)

Emphasizing the ribbon cut-out at the back part of the dress. It gives a touch of sweetness in the dress. Ohhh the teen girl part of me :)))
                                                  I might forget that I am already 27 and it is a necessity to control myself when it comes to "TOO GIRLY DRESSES" but maybe the sweet 16 - 18 part of me will never fade away. I will have to face this world with a woman's state of mind but the juvenile part inside my heart will never be erased. Maybe because I still have dreams to pursue. As I am starting to miss summer in the coming days, I am welcoming the next season with open arms and soon I will be a year older again hahaha!

                                                 Doing what I love is my ultimate dream. This post intends to inspire and to show creativity and not just plain vanity. I give more importance in what I can create than what I really look like but I hope the fulfillment radiates from within. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful.

Bag - Charles and Keith
Shoes - Guess
Necklace - Designed by yours truly :)

Next Post is all about my Summer Project Collection of Jewelry Designs this 2015 :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT- DIY 2nd Summer Dress Project: Chic Nautical Sophistication

                                               This dress project is a little different for this season because I made 3 different kinds of dresses.  a little plain and chic for the 1st two projects. I have an addiction for florals , loud, vibrant colors and prints but change is good right? so the1st is the LBD with a geometric cut at the hemline. 2nd is a very nautical dress that I redesigned according to my taste. Stripes has been a very attractive linen print for years and it is quite difficult to make it work for plus girls because it might flaunt curves in the wrong way   ( depending on the body shape) . This is quite challenging but I was happy with the outcome.

                                                   Ribbons are really girly and sweet. I incorporated ribbons in redesigning an old dress since i don't make patterns yet. So I decorated it on the micro mini skirt part of the dress. I didn't remove the triangular facing of the dress since it is unique. It used to be a 3/4 sleeved midi A line dress. I am not really a fan of midi dresses so I decided to use every cloth in redesigning.

I just played with cloth folding and never expected that I would enjoying constructing ribbons around the skirt. 
                                                Here is the output. I just designed it in such a way that it would suit my body type (hopefully) . I paired it with Dior Pumps, Zara hand bag and GS Sunnies.

Sorry, is the skirt too short? I resourcefully used every inch of cloth that I have.

 So what do you think?

                                                 Tell me your comments about this dress project.  Don't worry I'll take it constructively. Anyway, this is just an experiment like what I did to other dress projects. I know that there's a lot more that I have to know in dress making. The projects are purely made out of love and fun!

                                                  The 3rd dress project will be posted soon. Thank you for taking your time to visit y page. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful!