Thursday, May 28, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT - DIY floral dress: Sweet Summer's Goodbye

                                                    And now, the end is near.... Yes! The rainy season is about to come but before that happens I just wanna say good bye to my favorite season of the year. Summer, I will miss you, your warmth and of course the blue skies.  Summer of 2015 will leave me with a sweet memory because I was able to do what I love doing full time.

                                                   Another boring dress was altered into a sweet classic dress. The prints were filled with colorful flowers and I had to brainstorm on what to do with it. I don't like it to be the ordinary floral sleeveless dress because I have done so many in the past few summer season. It needs to be wearable in casual days but still classy so I decided to redesign the sleeve  and the back area of the dress. The hemline was redesigned to have a shorter length at the sides and a little longer in the middle and back but still above the knee area (favorite).

The making of the floral dress of 2015 :)
              The photos below would give you a closer look of the improvements made to the dress.

Front view of the dress - This quite long compared to other dresses that I made for summer. 

 At least this can be an office acceptable attire just match it with a plain blazer

Side view - The hemlines are shorter at the side. There's  glance of the ribbon cut out at the back.
If you can try to visualize the sleeve It was adorned with a ribbon (folded and sewed) so that there is added comfort-ability during warm days,If you feel like strolling after work or in the afternoon :)

Emphasizing the ribbon cut-out at the back part of the dress. It gives a touch of sweetness in the dress. Ohhh the teen girl part of me :)))
                                                  I might forget that I am already 27 and it is a necessity to control myself when it comes to "TOO GIRLY DRESSES" but maybe the sweet 16 - 18 part of me will never fade away. I will have to face this world with a woman's state of mind but the juvenile part inside my heart will never be erased. Maybe because I still have dreams to pursue. As I am starting to miss summer in the coming days, I am welcoming the next season with open arms and soon I will be a year older again hahaha!

                                                 Doing what I love is my ultimate dream. This post intends to inspire and to show creativity and not just plain vanity. I give more importance in what I can create than what I really look like but I hope the fulfillment radiates from within. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful.

Bag - Charles and Keith
Shoes - Guess
Necklace - Designed by yours truly :)

Next Post is all about my Summer Project Collection of Jewelry Designs this 2015 :)

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