Monday, May 16, 2016

#ThisBody campaign= #LovemyImperfections :

                              Fall in love with yourself first , a famous advice to broken hearted men and women but it is also suited for broken souls being hurt by society standards and close minded people. We are all entitled to our own opinion regarding other people. We are all unique individuals and we have a characteristic that sets us apart form others like race, IQ, views and even size. If you don’t believe that plus size women should also be respected and acknowledged as beautiful individuals, I suggest that you should stop reading this post. Though you have a lot of valid points regarding health issues, always remember that not all big women are just sitting on a couch eating all day long . Actually this issue is not only limited to health but also allowing them to live their lives the way they want it. A lot of big women are being empowered since they know how to enrich themselves other than being vain and just taking care of themselves aesthetically.

                 Like everyone else, we just like to be free and happy. Lane Bryant’s #Thisbody  campaign has been helping a lot of plus size women express themselves.

  My Curvy statement for this campaign is;“This body is worth the love and respect”  

                  I might have a bigger body size than normal but there’s more to love and to appreciate. Other people can say whatever they want but I stand firm on my belief  that I am not less than a beautiful creation of God. Aside from that fact, I am like everybody else who wants to love other people and be loved back.


                             No one is perfect and I am fully aware that I have Imperfections and flaws but I have learned to love them. It has been a great struggle for me to understand and honestly, it really took some time. Upon thinking it over for a period of time, these imperfections made me who I am. It made me wiser and stronger. Yes I might be busty, 5 ft. in height which is classified as short nonetheless I am happy about myself. I might not please everyone because I can't avoid preposterous people who would laugh or insult me indirectly because I like to use dress designs that regular sized women wear but then in the end, it all comes down to the fact that I have one self to love further more, I don't need to listen to anyone's opinion regarding my self expression. Thanks Kat Galarosa for reminding me about the importance of loving myself. <3

Happy girls are the prettiest as said by Audrey Hepburn

                           Beautiful and confident women are starting to invade social media and blog posts. I am happy that we  are all starting to embrace the body size diversity. Gladly, curvy women are exposing how proud and happy they are with their curves thanks to Lane Bryant's plus size campaigns. Without fear and hesitation, I can enjoy going to the beach or strut my own creations wherever I want to. This is me and I absolutely love who I am without needing anyone's approval. Happiness is the root of radiating beauty from within. So throw all the negativity in the trash and spread the love and positivity.

#ThisBody + #LovemyImperfections = Happiness

                           Love yourself and everything will fall into its right place. Explore life and enjoy a carefree life. 

Loving the waves and Sunshine

Snapshot before going on a morning swim  #Thisbody

 Ready to party with my DIY caged bralette

 Exploring Shangri-La Boracay <3 I'm Inlooove!

My final early morning swim before going back to manila :) 

                          Together with the curvy bloggers around the world, I encourage body positivity and fashion equality. I hope I can be an inspiration to plus women especially to asian women. We know how challenging it is for us to be curvy in the kind of culture we are in but yet let us continue to fight for our freedom to express ourselves and redefine beauty. Flip your hair curvy girl and walk with head held high. :)


  1. Indeed, happy girls are the prettiest! Love the photos! Gawaan mo rin ako ng caged bralette! Yung conducive for breastfeeding, perhaps? Hahaha! Can't wait to meet you!

    1. Yes ate anung cup size mo? dito talaga nagtanong ehhh hahah! I'll definitely see you very soon <3.

  2. I do agree that we are unique individuals, so respect everyone. You are so gorgeous, one of my favorite blogger is also curvy but she is so pretty and she's famous now, most best actress nominate in Hollywood are curvy so don't limit your self girl. You are stunning ^^

  3. Hi Ann Catherine. Thank you so much for appreciating my post.