Thursday, March 3, 2016

CURVY STATEMENT: Create your own Masquerade ball look


                                   From the renaissance up to the present, masquerade balls are one of the most exciting party themes at the same time it is quite challenging to prepare for this kind of event. We have been used with ball gowns and feathered masks. I would be glad to wear an enormous ball gown but deep  inside of me ,  something different from the usual is what I am aiming for . Two-piece formal gowns are all over Pinterest and Fashion magazine websites and my curiosity is bugging me if I can pull it off. Since I am on the curvy side, I would like to construct something unique with a touch of sexiness but still conservative. Considering the experience that I possess,  doubting my skills was the first thing that came into my mind because this project is far from the casual dress projects that I implemented. Time hasn't been friendly to me lately because of the work-related rush that I need to accomplish so I checked on the resources that I have and discovered heirlooms. My grandma left her silver body-con dress. Good thing, the party is Silver and Black themed (LUCKY ME!) From that piece, a tulle skirt came into my mind but not the typical tulle dress that different women use in their OOTD street fashion. I started to design a skirt that would expose the lower part of my body since the design of the dress in the upper part is a bit clothed moreover it would give a slight conservative look.

The Tulle Skirt

                                 Since the mini dress is silver, I don't want it to look super metallic. This means I need to match it with a darker skirt so it would expose my curves more and flaunt the right assets to balance everything off. Unfortunately the tulle that was left in my stocked materials was color white considering the fact that I am running out of time, what I did was to buy a fabric dye and followed the instructions in the sachet.

Fabric coloring process

                                     I boiled the water in an Aluminum cooking pan then immersed the cloth after 20 minutes. Next, open 3 sachets of  black fabric dye and pour it in the boiling water  then allow it to be absorbed by the cloth while being boiled. Add 3 tablespoons of salt and a let it boil for a few minutes more then let it dry.

Finished product
It didn't turn out as I expected but it is a good combination with  silver since it is a few shades darker

                                        Designing and Sewing the Skirt.

            First and foremost , I have to be careful in cutting the tulle since I only have enough of it or else my look would be a disaster. Guided by my instincts, I got over the stress of cutting and attached the ribbon on the hem of the skirt. Sewing the body of the skirt has been hassle free and attaching the garter was easy breezy. Eventually, achieving the puffy open tulle skirt didn't give me any headache.  


                               My Sister's dress

                               This is an emergency formal gown project so I was able to put all the materials together. My sister's dress is quite similar with mine. We exposed the lower extremities to add some height.

We went to take a good shot of the dresses and I was at ease that somehow in my own opinion, we were able to pull it off.

Jeweled Masks

                          My sister and I made our own artsy crystal masks. My concept was all about having my own empire someday hence, I had this as an end product.
Made of Assorted genuine crystals and synthetic pearls

I won the best in mask award <3

          My sister just wanted her mask to be inspired by royalties.

She used striking colors too and 100% genuine crystals

Having fun with our personalized masks


                                Our look won't be complete with the absence of my Jewels so I decided to pair a black Chandelier crystal neck piece  and my theme appropriate Silver-Black crystal wrist cuff with my Silver two-piece dress and my precious Pearl jewelry set with my sister's Black gown.

  I am delighted with the result and was able to put all the pieces together. W enjoyed the rest of the  night with the celebrant.

* Some of the photos were from Fog Photography and the rest are all mine :)
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