Saturday, September 16, 2017

Curvy Statement: There's Nothing Wrong in Liking What You See in Front of the Mirror

                                 We always find ourselves admiring Selena Gomez or Ashley Graham because they're pretty, confident and can rock whatever their outfits are. Have you ever tried facing the mirror and checked how you felt about the way you look?  This is not another plus size empowerment post instead, this is a message to all women of different age, size and race.

                                 Lately, we have apps like Instagram and Snapchat that would encourage us to take a selfie, post it on our social media accounts and heaven knows what different reactions we might get among the people who follow us. If you try look in front of the mirror without feeling bad or disgusted, I would like to congratulate you for achieving the self love that you deserve 👍. Okay, before any negative reaction would be raised I have a very simple point about loving yourself. It doesn't equate to vanity, narcissism or over-confidence. It will always be a case to case basis but then all of us are unique and I believe none of us were made to be perfect. Whatever your flaws are, you can always embrace and plan to better yourself if needed but it doesn't mean that you have to get rid of who you really are.

                               We all have different ways on how to express ourselves and if one day someone gives you a negative comment on how ugly or being over confident with your looks to the point of asking you to stop posting pictures or etc. Always remember that they are entitled to their own opinion but it doesn't have to MATTER. There will always be someone who would encourage you not to but don't give them the authority to dictate their standard of what's acceptable and what's not. Feeling good about one's self is never bad. If shamers would start their negativity on you then it's a problem that they have to fix on their own. Always remember that you should never take it personally. Continue the positivity that you have within you. Whether you like wearing  make up or not, putting up a flattering dress that would expose your assets should always come from being comfortable with what you have. Flip your hair because that's absolutely fine. Don't mind people who expresses unsolicited judgements to women who indulges  themselves in simple joys. There are various reasons why we love putting make-up on or simply strutting our own fashion statements. It shouldn't affect their ego but if it does, it's just a reflection of their personal problems. Let's just continue with our journey to self love. It won't be easy but I hope, we would appreciate every ups and downs  we experience in life. Expressing how comfortable we are with ourselves should be fun but also set limits and hopefully we would be aware of it. Let go of their negativity because you have women like me /us who will support you all the way. The most important skill we have to develop is the ability to  listen to what our heart likes to tell us. Listen carefully and you will eventually find your way. :)

Motto : Get Up, Dress Up and Love Life to the Fullest .

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Flamboyant Ear Drops

                              Attention seeking pair of  earrings became a major fashion statement this season and I am glad that my favorite accessory in my late teens made a come back. My inspiration for this collection is my addiction in huge chandeliers when I was 18-21 years old so that makes me an OLD MILLENIAL (I know) ahahaha. Without project plans, I was able to construct this earrings using my own hands and plain imagination.



                               This pearl earrings are made of faux pearls and crystals. The cap was purely handwoven pearls  perfect for pristine outfits like little black dresses or white coordinates which adds class and elegance to your look.

Moonlight Deep Blue Crystal Ear Drops

                              I made this earrings to match my DIY off shoulder cut out top which I will be posting soon. This deep blue crystal ear drops were made by hand. It adorns and complements your bare shoulders just in case you decide to pare it with any outfit that shows off your shoulders.

Pink and Emerald Mini Chandelier

                             The Mini Chandelier earrings are a bit more sweet and romantic. This would look perfect with sundresses or girly rompers and not to mention , hoops are gonna be big this coming fall.

Melinda's Tamed Tassels

                               A minimalist style of tassel and crystal ear drops for maam Melinda with a touch of casual and glam. You can sport this using your high waist denims and plain tucked in black top. Women of any age would comfortably rock this with their outfit of choice since its classic simplicity and versatility would make a statement on its own.

                               Never ever get tired of adding glamour in your daily outfit of choice. Whether you are all dolled up or just wearing your off-duty look, adding an extra oomph in your OOTD through wearing unique earrings would take your outfit up a notch.

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