Friday, March 27, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT - Late Post : Holiday celebration of 2014

                                               It's way past Holiday season but I hope everyone enjoyed their celebration. My sister and I decided to take holiday photos and use it to greet family and friends. I reinvented the Sailor dress that I used in the photos.

                               DIY Sailor's dress made personally by me , Zara shoes and Guess  Color
                                                                         blocked   Bag.

                                             December is one of the coldest months here in Baguio City that's           why I  decided to match my sailor dress with the red cape.  I fell in love the moment I saw it.  It seems that the red cape  is made for Christmas especially that the material is wool. I bought it online since it's Black Friday Sale. Very warm and comfortable and I guess it could challenge the cold weather.  :)

         Dear Santa,
                                             We're pretty sure that we did our best to be good girls all year long so we're expecting our gifts on our Christmas Tree. LOL

                                                                     Sitting by the fireplace

                                                 My apologies, selfie in the powder room.

         Enjoying the pillows and lights. Comfy mats, Ohh how I love to lie down and gaze at the stars.

                                                             The cave of red lights <3

                                    We don't know how to make our poses work while sitting LOL

                     My sister underneath the Christmas tree

                       The lights really entertained us that night. It plays a big role in making us feel
                                                 the yuletide ambiance in the hotel's garden area.


Thank you for taking your time to read my page and check the holiday dress for plus size girls that I made (DIY). Let's keep inspiring women of different shapes and sizes. Body positivity is all we need! Think Big Think Beautiful!

Loiselle Katrina :)

* Summer dress projects , body positivity posts and photo shoots of  jewelry designs soon :)