Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT: Sparkles and Colors - Jewelry Designs Summer of 2015

                                                 My brainstorming has lead me to these 3 wonderful pieces. For me, summer is all about radiant colors so I enjoyed playing with shades and mixing colors. I admit that I had limited resources and a few barriers in making designs this summer of 2015 but still thankful to have created pieces out of love. 

                                                    MICHELLE'S NECKLACE

 This anklet and necklace set was made for a client's request. She used this on her  son's birthday beach party. Since her outfit was very plain and relaxed. I chose a combination of 2 matte colors (Yellow and Orange) then matched with a sparkling emerald green colored Russian stones. The heart in the middle was constructed through bead weaving. Over all, the neck piece is a semi choker / Chandelier, 100 percent Russian Swarovsky . It turned out as a statement and  she was very happy about the custom made jewelries made for her.

This is a sample on how the necklace can be matched in casual girly outfits aside from maxi dresses in the beach or with floral or plain circle skirts which are a fad nowadays. This would also look good in smart casual or business attires but keep in mind that it will always depend on the colors that you will choose to wear. 

                                            PENELOPE'S CHANDELIER

Another bib chandelier necklace that I can match with my floral and plain dresses this summer. The water blue colored Swarovsky stones matched with matte yellow and a few orange beads made it more suitable for the summer season. 

                                                                     ARIELLE'S CHOKER

The glamour piece of my summer collection. This can be used in formal occasions. The Pyramid design in the middle of the choker are made of Emerald colored Russian Swarovsky stones. In my own opinion, Pink and Green is a lovely combination . It's kind of minimalist but elegant. Arielle's Choker could be worn in summer soirees. What do you think?

If you are interested in any of the accessories that I made, you can contact me through e-mail : fatfashionologhist@yahoo.com or my phone number +639774090032 or you can inquire in the comment box below. 

Thank you very much! 

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