Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy International Women's Day: Cheers to the Courageous Women Around the World

                              The strongest action of a WOMAN is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could - Anonymous 

                             It is insanely difficult to be a woman and I'm pretty sure you would agree with me. We continue to learn more about ourselves as we grow older and the road to accepting and loving ourselves might be bumpy.It ain't going to be easy be that as it may I assure you it's gonna be one hell of a ride. Today, we should celebrate our victories and lessons in life. It only shows that we are tough and willing to accept challenges along the way. We were so used to live in a world where there are norms and standards that we have to strictly follow to be acknowledged and accepted . Although this may be true, we were all awakened lately by diversity and body acceptance. We are gradually redefining beauty in different angles which liberates from the pressure and whatever media dictates. There are a lot of influencers who support these beliefs and women in different shapes, sizes and colors were speaking up on how to be happy which needs to start with yourself.

                            To the women who are struggling to be happy , may you be guided and inspired by the different women who finally found the key to their happiness by starting to get to know themselves . Don't be afraid to be yourself and show them what you've got. We have done a lot of positive changes in this world and I do believe that we can do more.

                            The only concern that bothers a lot of women is the misogynistic views that still remains in the society.  Personally, living in a very conservative culture can be difficult for they have their own rules when it comes to what is acceptable or not. As long as you won't harm other people, no one has any right to stop you when it comes to expressing yourself and hinder your happiness. Do not shame women if they wear something off your standards, pear or apple shaped.Same thing goes for curvy or big women. We don't have any reason to hate skinny women because we are ALL BEAUTIFUL.We should still support Miss Universe, Plus Size blogs or any event that would showcase the talents of different women . We all have this campaign on embracing natural beauty but we don't have to hate women who loves to wear make-up, big women who loves to wear revealing clothes, their color preference whether they like loud and bold colors or neutral colors. We are free to have our own preferences and everyone has to RESPECT it.

                          We should all be proud in our achievements as women and these little things that I am sharing might enlighten you. Modern day filipinas are fighting for different advocacies but these little milestones in women empowerment could change the lives of struggling women around the world.

                          Let us give each other a chance. We might not agree about everything but we certainly have a choice to live in a peaceful and loving world. Happy International Women's day! Cheers to all the courageous women who are not afraid to show the world who they really are. Do not let other people stop you in your journey to self acceptance and happiness and may we all continue to inspire each other.

I would like to thank Plus Model Magazine for their repost feature Last November.

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others - Brene Brown 

                 I honestly believe that it is just normal to love ourselves but we can't avoid people who would rather make us  hate ourselves for being true and encourage self-rejection. We should never give up on the battle of accepting what we have and what we don't and then would we only achieve peace of mind. Their opinion shouldn't matter at all when it comes to loving who we really are.

Don't get so used to people who are telling you not to love yourself. Honor yourself and strive to better than who you are today.  #wings #nothighgaps #bodypositivity

                Thank you for sparing some of your time to read my post. To all the women around the world, congratulate yourselves for you are all a great work of art. #beproud

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