Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Statement Jewelries: Tassel Dazzle

                               Fashion girls have a new standard in accessorizing and it adds a playful, happy and charming touch to any outfit that they match it with. Tassel earrings are almost everywhere and fashionistas are so loving it! Check Pinterest and Instagram and chicas are sporting it everywhere. Before, we usually find tassels in curtains, tables and knitted goods but now it is found in high-end fashion brands like Oscar Dela Renta, Saint Laurent and many more. It has been a favorite fashion accessory in the runway this and last season. No wonder, celebrities and influencers have been going gaga over this simple and festive accessory.

                                  Thread tassels are the most basic design and we usually see it being sold online. As an artist, I would like to share my own version of tassel earrings. It would be more fun to add glitz and a bit of glam into it. My accessory collection wouldn't be complete without gems and crystals and I believe adding more life into those stacks of thread would make it look lovelier and glamorous. 

                               Black and Gold,  one of best regal color combinations and it makes the accessory flexible to any type of outfit that you choose to match it with. The different crystals used in the cap of the tassels gave the right sparkle to rock the night away with your cocktail/party dress or jumpsuit.

                               Wearing tassels would make you feel like there's always a celebration somewhere. In addition to that,  the crystals and metal adornments in it would complete your posh outfit. Try these with off-shoulder tops, boho rompers, colorful dresses and this particular tassel earrings design would definitely complement it well.

Thank you for spending some time in checking my latest project. I am super excited to share my next creation that I have been working on for weeks already.

The designs and photos are all mine.

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