Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Previous Creations for 2010-2012

These were my first experiments on redesigning clothes :) Some were heirlooms. They are over vintage designed dresses that could be reinvented to have a new look. Here are some of my reinvented clothes.

 2011 summer reiventions

I reinvented a gawky floral shorts and turned it into a poncho like top

 2011 summer reinvention

This used to be a checkered dress. Unfortunately, the dress doesn't fit me so my alternative was to make it into a blouse. I had to add ruffled details for the blouse to fit my chest area LOL and distract the plain checkered design since it looks too tight. 

 2011 post summer reinvention

Blair Waldorf's dress inspired me to this reinvented vintage dress of my granny. I cut the hemlines short and eventually, it looked like a hi low dress. It is a simple sleeveless floral dress. I used this on my 24th birthday.

 2012 summer reinvention

Another vintage dress from granny which didn't fit my large scultpure. I had to reinvent it in preparation for my sister's birthday.I'm happy that it turned out wearable and hides some flabs :)
This is a reinvented dress from gawky floral shorts. It has a bubble hemline and a tube dress. This was one of my 2011 summer reinvention
This was an A -line pinstripe boring skirt then I transformed it into a pleated tulip skirt - Summer 2011

This has been my creation last 2010, It is a color blocked tube dress with mullet skirt. I love this dress because it is well constructed, A very basic dress that you can pair with formal ensembles or casual. Very versatile - 2010

My  polkadot haltered challeco which i could pair it with jeans, skirt and other plain clothes. 2011

\Green ruffled dress for corporate or casual wear. I combined old skirt peices witha sleeveless top and added ruffles for a more chic look. -2011

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