Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CURVY STATEMENT - Going Vintage 20's on my 27th celebration - A spur of the moment style

                                               It's the time of the year again where I am reminded to hurry up and set directions for myself. In a way, I have loved the Idea that I have accepted myself, how I look and how other people might react towards me. It has been a life long challenge to prove myself to anyone that I am more than my weight. So far, the results are really good. I don't worry about dresses that don't fit as so well for my body type because I have an irregular shape anyway, I can make my own. People are starting to open their minds and accept big and beautiful women and I already feel welcomed and respected with whatever I wear. What matters most are your beliefs, educational investments achievements in life and most of all my family and a few friends.

                                               Thank you for supporting me in any of the endeavors that I have encountered. I really felt that my jewelry and dress projects were appreciated by people I know and love. It really matters that you do acknowledge my Ideas are worthy of being worn by every woman of varied body sizes. That alone gives me a feeling of fulfillment and contentment. Thank God for the gift of art and beauty.

                                               Other people might say what they want about me and whatever creations I have, they are entitled to their opinion but one thing is for sure. I wont allow them to crush and step on my dreams. I still have a lot to learn and I admit that I am no expert yet. Whatever designs I have, it always comes from the heart. That's one thing that I could be proud of. All of my creations are made out of love with a mixture of pain and happiness.

                                               Another thing about being 27 years old is that I am pressured to achieve something that is greater or better compared to what I have achieved in the past. I hope that my motivation would keep me going and let inspiration fuel the fire of my desire to be lead where I'm supposed to be. Living a life full of passion is on the top of my list and hopefully, I'm getting closer but of course, one step at a time.

                                              My target for this year is INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM. It might be hard and outside my comfort zone but I hope I can achieve this sooner or a little later. It really matters when you learn to do basic and practical things on your own. Anyway, my sister, who has always been there for me will always be behind me in every step of the way. Thank you my dearest sister. I love you!

                                    GOING BACK IN THE 1920'S ON MY 27TH BIRTHDAY WAS FUN

                                              Red hair was my favorite search topic on Pinterest and Google images. At first, I'm very scared to try red because it might not fit my personality but I finally tried Reddish  Brown and so far I was satisfied like I was dying to have it dyed for several months already because I'm tired of having a blonde hair. I fell in love with Emma Stone's hair so she was my hair inspiration in this hair style. Plus I researched on how to do the finger waves without having to spend too much on a finger wave ceramic iron. I just did it manually. You can check it on Youtube.

 So far, I had positive feedbacks regarding my hair color and DIY hairstyle.

         I decided to pair it with a button down black and white printed dress and accessorized it with a green belt just to emphasize the curvy shape of my body and used my color blocked Guess heels.



Did I mention that I was with Taylor swift on that day? LOL nahh just my sister doing the Taylor swift inspired hair and outfit.

My sister's boots are from Zara, I did the styling of her outfit. Is it bad? and she's wearing my 1st bib necklace creation.

Thank you Lord for allowing Mr. Sun to celebrate with me during my Birthday. It is rare that Mr. Sunshine would accommodate my  birthday invitation . Most of the time, he refuses but this time he didn't fail me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling with my sister as always.

Again, just shared my ideas with you. I just realized I gotta make life my very own. Just live the moment because I'll never be this young anymore. As each day passes, I grow older and I should strive to be better. Thank you everyone.

* Emma Stone's picture is not mine. Credits to the owner
*Black and White Dress is by Happy Day New York

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