Saturday, August 30, 2014

CURVY STATEMENT - Unlimited Pizza Pasta Experience : Birthmonth celebration

                                             I'm neither a foodie nor a food blogger. I just wanted to share some of my favorite food which are pizza, pasta and salad.  That day, I was really excited about this experience since I am a gourmet fan. My sister who has a bigger appetite than me (although it's not really obvious and I might be accused of being a liar here LOL!) was my companion in this mouth watering escapade.

                                             The buffet or eat all you can is at Azalea Residences Baguio City. It's going to be my first time to check the place but as soon as we arrived I felt that my experience would turn out good. The waiters and waitresses are very welcoming and accommodating. When My sister and I entered Tradisyon, It gave me a feel good vibe and it looks like I'm comfortable with their semi-formal filipino inspired set up. We were escorted towards our seat.
                                            How I wish their chairs would have arm rests but anyway, It's just a very minor observation on the ensembles of our stay there. We were asked if we would like to check on the food but we opted to take a seat and just feel the ambiance. :) After a few minutes, chilled water was served on our table and that was the time that we decided to check on the buffet.

                                                   We reserved a table for two near the glass window. We can view the buffet area from our seat. As you can see, the chairs are very filipino inspired but without arm rests.

                                                 Starting off with the chef who can personalize your pasta. Choose whatever pasta and ingredients you like. As for me I requested for Meaty Bolognese and for the ingredients, I asked him to add a little of everything. :)

                                                Check out the pizzas available! The Sicilean, Chicago meat lovers, Margarita, Pinoy Longanissa and Hawaian.

                                                The salad bar includes vegetable salad, sausage, tomatoes and cheese, Parmesan bread and my favorite Penne salad. 

                                             More ready made pastas available. Cheesy baked macaroni and vegetable lasagna for those who likes to a eat healthy pasta dish.

                                              Another angle taken of the different pizzas. Yum!

                                       The table reserved good for two near the glass window.

                                                                                    1st     Take                
                                                                          My sister's 1st Take!


And finally, I reserved the tiramisu. I saved the best for last. I'm a certified sweet tooth girl. LOL

                                                Overall, I could give them7.5 - 8.5/10 score. The dining experience is good. I enjoyed the personalized pasta and the ready made ones. I can say that the taste is satisfactory and worth it so far. Maybe, I was just looking for more flavors like cheese overload on the baked macaroni and more spices or flavors to be savored on the vegetable lasagna. The pizza is good so far. It's a combination of the pan pizza of Pizza Hut and the signature pizza flavor of Shakey's. One thing I didn't like is that when you go back for the 2nd round for the pizza slices, It is already on room temperature. The dining experience would be better if they provide a way to keep the pizza in a warm or hot temperature for their customers to appreciate their food more. That night, I was really stuffed and could only afford to go back for the second time, unlike my sister. She was able to consume 3 plates (3 rounds)  and the last is the Tiramisu. I had 8 and she had 7.  It's a nice dining experience and I can recommend my friends to try the buffet. Anyway, It is very affordable.  


                                            It's already past 10 in the evening and we have so little time to enjoy our stay in Azalea so we might as well take photos. 

Stomach in!! Carbs overload! LOL
                                                  Their powder room in Azalea is very fragrant and clean. The interiors are very conducive for dolling up and retouching. Look at my sister making it as if it's her own and since it:)))'s only the two of us, let me take a powder room selfie. #sorry #thisdoesntalwayshappen

                                                       Taking a look at the nice place.

 Enjoying the evening breeze. Thank God it just stopped raining.

 Oh did I forget to mention that Taylor Swift is riding her Yellow horse? She seemed to enjoy the ride. And it's too late for you and your yellow horse to come around. LOL 

 Another great experience with my sister. It's time to go home now. Till the next fashion and food escapade :)

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