Sunday, April 5, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT- DIY Update: Butterfly Printed Skater Skirt and Teal Summer Cape-mono

                                                 Here comes Summer! My favorite season of the year and I am more than excited to share my designing adventures with you. I came up with individual pieces starting off with my butterfly printed skirt. I actually saw the butterfly prints on the off white cotton cloth and I decided to make it a simple skater skirt that I could pair with my favorite colorful top, or florals. Pairing it with plains and prints gives me a very relaxed and carefree look.  Just in case I would like to look sweet and girly, this piece is just perfect for a sunny day walk at the park or strolling in the mall.

                                                 Capes were designed for winter collections (yes, I know!!!). I just had a crazy idea of combining the idea of cape and kimono this summer season.This Cape-mono is very light weight, perfect for dresses or skinny jeans if you want to look a bit ragged.

                                                 The photos below would show how I would sport it with my butterfly skater skirt and a colorful floral top.

                                                  Thank you for taking your time to check on my DIY summer project Part 1. I will be posting the other dress projects real soon. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful.

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