Monday, August 17, 2015

CURVY STATEMENT: You can never be too old to be young - Boho - Amazonian - Glam Vibe @ 28

                  CURVY AND PROUD @ 28

                                                For more than 2 decades of my life, It has been a struggle for me to be happy with myself and now I can say that I am happy and proud of what I've become. On my 28th year, I was able to understand what I have been fighting for. It is not ONLY about calling everyone to accept and allowing  plus size women or big women to be labeled as someone who could also be physically  beautiful but acknowledging that there's more to love about each and every woman of different age , color shape and size. My journey in this advocacy has never been easy especially with the kind of society that I am living in but I will continue to stand firm on my ground. I was able to establish a good relationship with myself through time and discovered what I can do for my self and the most important discovery that I had were the things that I can do for other people. I would like to thank everyone who respected and supported me in my journey, who believed in my abilities and talents even if there were times that I thought of giving up. More adventures and challenges are coming and I am more than ready to face them.



                                                   Ever since, I was never a fan of Bohemian fashion because I believed that I wont look good on it or I just can't make it work or even fit my personality. Surprisingly, I tried to jazz up my grand ma's old blue shirt dress. Yes! Another cut - out design, it worth a try to take a calculated risk by baring my shoulders. Knowing my body type very well, the broad shoulders that I have which I got from my mom would never really look good on any outfit that would expose it because it would be unflattering. There seems to be a change of heart and a small belief that I could pull it off somehow .


                                                 For my 28th birthday, I decided to become a red head since I fell in love with missdeadlyred ! Check her instagram account! then I altered and redesigned my lola's dress to preserve and make it a part of my dress project collection. A few changes were made in the dress but I didn't overhaul it.(It will always be my lola's). I just added a few details to personalize and accentuate the dress. The shoulder area was minimally exposed but the neck line was patterned in a Y shape form and the back would be almost a racer back type of design but more chic rather than the sporty side. When it comes to the length, I met with my grand ma's taste HALF WAY! (hahahaha) Again,  I went with the hi-lo style. No alterations made in the waist area so it looks like a straight dress which would put my look in danger since I am busty. Straight dresses makes me look like a box or would widen my body shape but I was just inspired by the straight yellow dress that I saw on lookbook and I would love to have one that looks good on me so I tried it on this dress project. 


                                                  A curvy statement post could never be complete without accessories. Aside from making dresses, accentuating the look with the help of the right pair of shoes and the right jewelry that will make the whole outfit shine!
Zanotti Gladiators <3
                                                    This time, I ditched wearing heels and opted an embellished pair of gladiator sandals. It looks amazonian but mixing the amazonian - bohemian- glam vibe worked so far. 



                                                 Sparkling colorful jewels were designed as a set but not really boho inspired. The colors were carefully picked to match the color of the dress. The reflection and contrast of the jewels were considered in the color combination and also to  complement the dress. The photos below would give a closer look and for you to be able to observe the details of each piece.


    Details: Made out of Russian beads from India and Assorted blue and  large clear crystals formed through metal manipulation and purely handcrafted.


Details: Materials are Russian beads and crystals. The earrings were handcrafted ; bead weaving and metal manipulation


Details: Made out of Russian beads and small crystals.

                                                This is the first time that I made a head dress or headpiece
 and it went well when matched with the earring and bangle.

                                                Thank you for sparing some of your time to check my page. They said 28 is the turning point of a woman where she is officially declared as OLD but for me, I will never lose the part where I keep a young woman's heart inside of me. It's just a number right? No pressure ! Just keep on moving forward! Another curvy statement that I wanna live by. So once again thank you and don't forget to THINK BIG THINK BEAUTIFUL!
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  1. Amazing work! Keep 'em coming and happy, happy birthday! God bless! :)

  2. Love how you pull off the Boho look dear! I agree with you about our society. Not a judgment but an observation- somehow our society sucks by judging plus size women. Something that I cannot take.
    Btw, your jewelry looks gorgeous too and your grandma rocks having to own such a wonderful piece of clothing!!!!

    love lots,