Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Statement Jewelries by Loiselle - A Jewelry collection that tells different stories

                                                    It never crossed my mind that I have a skill in making jewelries until my dad's friend who shouldn't be named as requested (lol) is a blessing in disguise. She gave me assorted stones that I could use to make jewelries then VOILA! To my surprise, I already enjoyed creating simple pieces and I commend her for teaching me the basics and it was up to me to research on designs and contemplate my own. TITA I know how humble you are and I am grateful to have met you because I will never discover this part of me if not because of you. Thank you very much!
                                                      Curvy Statements is all about a Curvy Girl's way of expressing her self in different mediums which includes: writing, art through dressing up and my favorite which is jewelry making.  It isn't just an ordinary way to make jewelries to earn money or gain profit but also a way of expressing myself. Instead of simply naming it as my collection , I wanted it to be called STATEMENT JEWELRIES.

                            MY STATEMENT JEWELRIES

Photo by Paul Stephen


                                                        Aside from combining different stones that looks good together, I discovered that it isn't that easy to make statement jewelries. Incorporation of several emotional factors are needed for me to be able to construct a good piece. First and foremost I should be in a very good and motivating mood to work and another important aspect in my jewelry designing is a very interesting idea or project design that I have brainstormed for some time. The materials should be catchy and should match the inspiration that I have in mind. As I am brainstorming  how to combine different stones and  all the materials to be able construct the whole piece, the story of each collection comes in. Each design tells a story of my journey that I would like to share in a very artistic way. All of my jewelries have emotional connection and inspiration which guides me in the whole process of jewelry designing. In general, I can say that my creations are not an ordinary work of art but holds a big part of my heart and soul.

                                                      Life stories will be shared soon and you can access it through instagram, tumblr, blogspot and etsy. I hope you would try to take your time to check on the different designs. Previous collections would be posted there too plus my holiday glamour collection which will be posted soon and available on hand.

IG: @statement_jewelriesbylois
Tumblr: loiselle-the-fatfashionologhist
email: curvystatements@gmail.com

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